My Communications with GOP Today

in FreeSpeechlast month (edited)


The shameless Republicans are already fundraising for "next time." I am done with them--they roll over and concede too easily, Trump excepted. They are so content with losing they don't really seem to care. They certainly don't fight for the American people. Here are a few of my responses to fundraiser emails.

To a state legislator:

The national Republicans have disappointed me for the last time. They abandoned Trump and his voters and most did not try to stop the steal. They are too comfortable with losing and waiting for next time. Only Reagan and Trump have ever fought for me, really. Done with career politicians. I came back to the GOP from the LP in order to work for Dan Forest in a desperate attempt to free this state of the scourge of Cooper--to no avail. And to work for Trump--who was betrayed even by Pence in the end.

Tired of being like a battered wife to the GOP... I would vote for Vermin Supreme before I ever vote for a Tillis or a Romney or anything less feisty than a Trump again. GOP has no heart or soul left to fight--or it is bought and paid for already.

To the Republican National Committee:

Only a handful of you fight for me. I am returning to the LP, where I went after you ran that traitor Romney. Only Reagan and Trump were ever really worth voting for. The rest of my votes were wasted.

In my informed opinion, the USA has needed more political parties for a long time--and those parties need to NOT be excluded from debates. So long as there are only 2 big parties keeping the others down, in the words of Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights) "If you ain't first, you're last." If we had bigger 3rd parties, the Rs and Ds would have to negotiate alliances in order to get a majority. Of course this will only help if we ever have a fair election again, which looks doubtful given the 2020 debacle.