ClickTrackProfit - We're Live! Talking Blockchain & Affiliate Marketing

in VIMM28 days ago

Have you ever done much with amazon affiliate programs??

In Canada it's tough to be an affiliate...Havent got a penny from them for 20 years :(

I’ve never done it either. Sometimes I read about the business but seems very up and down. I might try it out one day.

We will be on time, as long as @clicktrackprofit

Hi Jon! I have no idea what I'm doing haha but so far, I made it to this point. Guess I'm just gonna have to start watching videos and see what's up from here on, cheers man!

ha ha ha welcome man!

I delegated some Hive Power to ya, so you can poke around....Just think of it as social media...Don't even worry about the blockchain part of it :)

Poke around, and let me know if you have any questions!