Karma Came Knocking

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Sitting on her bed, Sonya finally decided..."I can"t keep living like this, It is time I take responsibility and begin to live my life with meaning. I mean I used to have dreams, things i wanted to achieve, I should do that now".

She finally made a decision to leave the fake and irresponsible life that she had been living for years.

"Just one more gig....I just need to get a big one this time then I am out", she said to herself.

"I'd just do this and start on a clean slate", she said feeling satisfied with the conclusion she made.

So she went on her last gig.....which was successful fortunately.

A year later, Sonya received the best thing she could ever imagine, a wedding ring. Following the success of her last gig she started a small fashion shop. Met this rich amazing guy who loves her and also invested so much in her business. He proposed to her and wanted her to meet his family. She was over heels in love with him, and felt it was time. So the date was set.

The day came, Sonya dressed up feeling so happy. I mean who would have thought that she could have this life. Her own fashion store, her own man who already proposed ...everything was coming together.

"So are you ready to meet my family?", Kay asked as he smiled.

"Of course I am ready, a little nervous though", she replied happily.

"Ah, don't worry they would definitely love you.....I do love you", he said smiling. "It is just my mom, my kid sister and elder bro. You know the one I told you got duped by a lady he loved which almost cost his life?" he said while she nodded as she remembered the story he once told her about his brother.

"Yeah, that one. Thankfully, he is good and doing well....I don't know why some ladies do such you know, devils they are. I am just glad and lucky to have such an angel like you.", he said as he held her hands and looked into her eyes. But her eyes couldn't bear to hold the stare as she felt a nudge in her heart.

"It is fine Sonya, he wasn't talking to you. It is all in the past, you are a changed person now. Don't think about it....think about Kay", she thought, trying to calm herself.

After minutes of drive they were there, seeing how nervous she was he held her hands...."Babe, you'd be fine. Just be you", he smiled and said...then she smiled back.

"Mom", Kay said seeing his mom in the living room. "Hi dear", she replied as he came to her for a hug.

"This is Sonya, my fiancée I told you about. Sonya meet Mrs Janice, my lovely mom,", he made the introduction.

"Hi Mrs Janice", Sonya smiled as she greeted respectfully.

"Hello, my dear...nice to finally meet you. This young man right here has said a lot about you", she said looking her son.

Smiling she replied "nice to meet you also ma. I have heard so much about you too. He is always about how nice your meals taste and how much he missed having them", she said and they all laughed.

"Please sit", Mrs Jones said.

"Ah mom, is Tina not here yet?

"Oh, no. She called actually that her car broke down, so she would be late. But your brother should be her by now though", then they heard a car horn. "Talk of the devil", she said.

"While we wait for your brother, Sonya my dear, what would you like tea or coffee?", Mrs Janice asked.

"Coffee would be fine", Sonya answered. So Mrs Janice called for the maid to bring coffee.

Seconds later Kay's brother Wren entered, "hey bro", Kay was the first to stand up....shook his brother playfully as they laughed. Then he went to his mom, hugged and kissed her cheeks while he complimented her.

While the greetings went on between family, Sonya already froze, a lot was going through her mind....just then she heard her name.

"Bro, meet my fiancée.....", he was saying when Wren interrupted his intro.
Feeling so shock like he had seen a ghost he asked almost shouting "Tonia, what in hell are you doing here!", he asked looking around for answers.

"Hey, calm down bro...this is Sonya, not Tonia. My fiancée....", he was saying before his brother interrupted again.

"Wait what? Are you joking? Tonia is your Sonya?".

Now Kay and his mother was confused, while Sonya on the other hand just wished the ground would just open and swallow her or maybe just disappear.

"Why...oh my God! This is not happening....lord no!!", Sonya was freaking out in her mind but she could not move her legs.

"Can someone explain what is happening? Bro what are you trying to say?", Kay asked as it was not funny anymore.

"This is the good for nothing scam of a woman, the devil in human body, the woman I loved, gave my all to. But turned and stabbed me in the back. She was the one who almost cost me my life and company. She lied about everything, the project I invested in which was a scam....her father surgery....everything thing! Is your name even Tonia or Sonya?", Wren said in anger.

"Babe....Sonya, is this true? You were the one I told you about? Tell me it's a lie that he is just mistaking you for someone else. Talk to me why are you quiet!", he shouted this time loosing his patience.

Sonya, just sat there....with tears rolling down her eyes. No words came out.

"Talk to me, damn it!!!! Who the hell are you?", Kay fuming with anger.

"Young lady, so you were the one who almost ruined my son's life, now you are here to ruin the other. Oh wow! Looks are sure deceiving. Kay, take her out of my house before I call the cops.", she said.

Raising her head up to look at Kay, his eyes were practically pleading for her to turn the table around. Like it was some sort of prank...for her to deny all his brother said.

"I am sorry Kay", with those words she ran out of the house in shame, leaving Kay broken into million pieces.

Her shot at new life, fresh start had crumbled just as she had found happiness....karma came knocking.

Karma comes after everyone eventually. You can't get away with screwing people over your whole life, I don't care who you are. What goes around comes around. That's how it works. Sooner or later the universe will serve you the revenge that you deserve. - Jessica Brody

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Karma did come knocking, didn't it? It is good that you do not let readers in the nature of Sonya's scam until late in the story. This helps to build the surprise when her deeds are discovered. You handle the revelation well. The dialogue is effective. And, you follow an informal rule of character development: characters are complex. They are not all good, or all bad. Sony has genuine feelings for one brother, and yet has scammed another.

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Yes it did. I am glad you enjoyed the read, I always try to make my stories relatable so my readers could follow easily. Thank you for your comment, I do appreciate.

mHmmmm, I don't know what to say. You wrote it well but it's just the type of story I don't like. The truth and the lies hurts me and that's the reason I hate it. Still, I commend you for writing it well.

Oh well, I understand why you may not like it...quite sad. I am glad you did enjoy the read though. Been a while too...doing alright?

Yes, I haven't seen you posting all the time. It was me who missed your post or you're not doing it regularly?

I try to be active...just busy these days.

Hi, @bliss11 I like your story. It happens with people that they can make mistakes, come to their senses (sooner or later) and should have the right to find happiness.
Young people start and end loves, something wasn't right with Wren that she couldn't assimilate that into her life.... And it's not right that Key doesn't stand up for her, Sonya's guilt complex isn't right either.... I think the word Karma directs your story to only one outcome.

Some people do realize it too late though. Some are lucky to get out of it while some aren't but it is better to come clean with one's past in the initial stage though. Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for sharing your story in The Ink Well, @bliss11. It's always great to see fresh faces, and have new writing voices in our community. I enjoyed your story, though it is truly sad. It seemed Sonia (or whatever her name is!) really wanted to get a fresh start and leave her past behind. But the past came back to haunt her!

Dirty past are hard to run away from, and I don't even know her real name myself hahaha. I appreciate your comment and I am glad you enjoyed the read.

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

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Karma is a bitch; she's very fickle, and can not be trusted.

Liked the story a lot and I'm also a believer in karma or the good old saying 'what goes around comes around.'
Your writing was really good, too! I could tell, that something wasn't right with Sonya and the way you framed the story I was waiting for what was going to happen. Enjoyed this one a lot, thank you!

I am glad you enjoyed reading the story. 😄 Sonya had it coming sooner or later. Thank you for reading. 🤗