Split Of Heart 1 || The Confusion

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Pacing from one corner of the room to the other was Naya, for days she has been restless as she needs to make an important decision before she lose them both.

"What am I going to do? Who should I choose? This is driving me crazy", she said to herself.

"I think I need to talk to someone, yes...I should talk to someone", she concluded after days of thinking with no result.

So she picked up her phone, called her aunt and they agreed that her aunt would come over.

On the said day, her aunt came. They had dinner and talked for a while as she was trying to find the perfect opening to bring up the conversation.

"So aunt, there is something that has been giving me sleepless nights for a while now", she said as she adjusted herself on the sofa.

"Look at you looking all serious now, tell me what is it?", her aunt said smiling.

Then the story began.......

"3 years ago, I met this good looking and charming guy, Mike. He is a Doctor who takes his work seriously. Getting to know each other, we fell in love and started dating. In fact, I had no doubt in my mind that he was the one. Mike sends me gifts at work, calls me and just made sure I was not lacking anything. However, due to his busy schedule he hardly ever has time for us. Nonetheless, he tries to make it up to me whenever he has free time", she said as she went down memory lane while her aunt listened attentively.

"Initially, I was not so bothered about his busy schedule because I love him so much and I was fine with it. Even times when I felt lonely, I just made excuses for him because I knew the nature of his job but still chose to go in a relationship with him. Besides, he makes it up to me when he can which is one thing I love about him. So we continued like that for a while, soon we were two years into the relationship.

The love was still there but the fire had began to dwindle because the distance started becoming obvious and I started not to care anymore but I still loved him. Then I met J.D, Jaren Davis as he likes to call himself. I met him at our company get together, Mike was supposed to be my date but he couldn't make it due to an emergency at the hospital...so it was just me. Fortunately or should I say unfortunately, I and Jaren Davis got talking, oh my he was so fun. He made him laugh so much as he is a very playful person.", she said while her aunt smiled as she listened to her.

"Jaren is a fitness instructor and consultant, a successful one at that. He is very flexible and free spirited. I don't know how or why I just felt so comfortable around him as we got to know each other. He knows I am in a relationship, he respects that. But he was always there each time, Mike has a tight schedule or miss a date. Jaren Davis became a shoulder for me to lean on, so I began to wish Mike was like that. However, Jaren is the flirty type as he tends to work a lot with females as their fitness instructor which could be uncomfortable sometimes but he is not my boyfriend right.

So on my birthday, Mike told me he would get off work early so we could have the rest of the day to ourselves then go out for dinner where he has a surprise for me. I was excited as I looked forward to what the surprise was. I made us a romantic lunch, had a hot bath, put on my sexy lingerie and waited with my own surprise. It was past lunch time, but Mike was no where to be found. Maybe, he is stuck in traffic son I thought....so I called him to know where he was. Do you know what he said?", Naya asked her aunt.

"Errm, was there an emergency at the hospital?", she asked curiously wanting to know what happened.

"He said he was going to be late, so we should do dinner instead. I was pissed...I mean after cooking and dressing up for him. So as not to ruin the rest of the day I decided on a nap. Waking up to the sound of my phone ring, it was Jaren. He wanted to wish me a happy birthday even after he had sent a text in the morning. He asked if he could take me out for dinner but I said no, explaining to him that I had a dinner date with my man. So we ended the call, only for me to check the time and it was 7pm...dinner reservation was for 6:30pm. With the anger I felt, I immediately called Jaren again and told him I was game for dinner".

"It was a beautiful night I must confess. He was so sweet and had all his attention on me, he made me feel so important...so loved. I was just carried away by his charms, care and sweetness. How he talks and holds my hands, sends signals to the rest of my body. When he tries to whisper to my ears, it feels like he singing kisses to my ears. I was practically hoping I won't do something I'd regret. Just then he ask me to go out with him officially. He knew everything, so he said he wants to be there for me in ways Mike can't", she stood up this time, walked to the fridge and got a can of beer for herself.

"Do you care for one?", she asked her aunt.

"Not beer, I'd like water", she replied.

She got the water and beer, returned to the sofa.

"So what happened next, did you agree?", her aunt asked.

"Of course not, I love Mike...I can't do that to him. I like Jaren too, I mean the way he makes me feel is different....like a new wine. But I love Mike, I know I do", she said now sounding defensive.

"Okay, just calm down....tell me what happened".

Naya continued, "it was getting intense as he leaned forward to kiss me. I was so carried at first but forced my senses back as his lips almost met mine. I left hurriedly without even giving a reply. I got home, opened the door and there was a shout of surprise!!!. It was Mike, he invited a few of my friends and his to celebrate my birthday. I was so surprised and happy at the same time that I forgot I was mad at him. It was more surprising when he popped the question, he asked me to marry him. This is what I have been waiting for....but I just couldn't bring myself to say yes, I just ran out".

"But why?", Her aunt asked.

"I don't know, my feelings were all messed up.... I love Mike but a part of me wants Jaren. I know it sounds crazy but I think I love them both", she said with her hands covering her face.

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A completely believable story. Humans have a tendency to want it all, your character has that dilemma. Fortunately she is young, independent and intelligent and will know how to choose, she also has the possibility to make mistakes and make amends.
Your text is written in a fluid and emotional way, @bliss11 . I liked it

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the read

Greetings, @bliss11!

As we read we tend to want to help this girl out of her confusion. We put ourselves in the aunt's shoes. This is because you have written so well and engaged us with the emotionality of your plot and the distinct possibility that we can love different aspects in people. That can happen to anyone so your story is very believable.

Thank you for posting it on @theinkwell.

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