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I an really hate to commute for work. From your story, it reminds me my old time at work that needed me to commute for work itself around 4 hrs a day. An each day I spent an hour each way from home to my work. Great that I can find my way out to that stupid work. Thanks for sharing.

May the good times of the present become golden moments of tomorrow. May God make your life colorful, magnificent and joyful. Have a great time and wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas.

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I have been in a 1 hour commute each way in the past (not at Kwiksave). It's no fun and I will turn down work now if it's too far. Merry Christmas to you @andyjim 😃

The song "Don't You Want Me" is one that you can't help playing over and over in your head.. till you get nauseous...

Here's another one that got imbedded in my head ... still stick there...

I remember a Flock of Seagulls and this song too though they had a bigger hit here with 'Waiting for a Photograph of You'. Good memory hehe!!!

How to get from mort to Phil Oakley in just a few paragraphs 😂

Phil was OK... at the time. I was a music nut during those years and the charts were 100x better than today's bunch of shit.

😂 I couldn’t agree more ! Tbh music holds little interest time these days

You did meet some characters along the way. Was Martin happy with his commute? Four hours per day to stack shelves seems ridiculous. You have to wonder about how the upper management of Kwiksave operated. They must have been profit-driven so that any store manager had to deliver. Being on the bottom rung means you just have to follow orders.

I'm amazed you stuck it out so long. Mind you, I kept doing a paper round for a fair while despite the low wages.

Martin did not stick it too long. I can't remember the details on why he left, but the distance must have been a factor. There was nothing else out there during those years, it was a bleak time.

Desperate times...

Things may be tough for our kids too.

It is..., this virus thing is making it all the harder. Supermarkets still have work as they are vital, so maybe little has changed?

That's some long commute.

Way too long. I didn't realise just how bad it was until I checked maps.

And like you said, it didn't seem affordable for someone of Martin's position.

I know there are plenty of people commuting up and down I-15 here in Utah, but those are usually professionals, not some minimum wage stock lads.

It's very interesting. Different stories evoke emotions and attempts to relate certain events to reality.

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