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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Day 2 of The Ink Well's Fast and Furious Festival! Good to have you here - have you signed up on the Launch page yet? Pop over and leave a comment.

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Twenty days of fast and furious writing, reading, commenting and having fun. Every day for twenty days, there will be a new prompt focusing on a different aspect of writing each day from character development and dialogue to setting and style and everything in between.

You can join the Festival at any time during the twenty days and respond to as many of the prompts as you want (prizes for completing all twenty), and do all your comments in one day each week if you want to - it's up to you!


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Day Two Prompt - Setting


Your "setting" is the place and time of your story. And it’s important, even in very short stories, to incorporate some elements that help the reader to feel situated in that place and time.

The setting provides the context for the story’s events. The sights, smells, sounds and other details of your story help to make your setting feel real and believable (Writing Tip #33: What is your setting)

You assignment today is to choose as many as you like of the following tasks (one is okay):

Task One

Describe a room (eg kitchen, bedroom, living room) in a character's house in such a way that it tells us about a person's greatest hopes and fears.*

Task Two

Choose a painting by an artist - this can be a favourite of yours or a well-known artist from where you live. Now imagine a living room inspired by that painting, and show the room after a couple have had the worst fight of their relationship.*

Task Three

idea contributed by @sayury who wins 5 Hive!
Choose a famous moment from history and create a new fictitious element: write about the setting. For example, "A romance for Napoleon just three days before the battle of Waterloo."

Task Four


Image by Tri Le from Pixabay
Write notes for a story setting inspired by the image.


  • aim for twenty-five minutes writing.
  • select your tags wisely.
  • link your post in a comment below.

And then, look for other posts to enjoy and comment on.

Remember - have fun! 😁

* tasks adapted from this post by John Fox

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Fast and Furious Festival

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I had fun playing with setting and completed two out of four of the prompts... but it still took me nearly two hours. I need to become both faster and more furious 😂


I'm with you. Takes me a long time to write anything. These prompts look like fun. Going to check out your blog right now.

Happy day, leaving my second participation.

Thank you very much, see you later.

Do not publish my participation in the community, I hope to learn from that mistake, excuse me. If I use the tag.



1-@raj808 link

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4.- @dwixer link

5.- @mayifiestas link

Hello @soyunasantacruz Thank you for visiting my post for the F&F Festival, Day 2. I appreciate your engagement and support. I'm sad to hear your story missed The Ink Well Community. That has happened to me before when I closed my draft in PeakD and returned. Not only that, the description also reverted to blank and I have to insert it again. But I learned to check before publishing now that I missed placing a contest post in a specific community.

I'll visit your Day 2 post nonetheless. Have a good start to your weekend. Take care.

Thank you 😘👍🤗

I did it from the community, I programmed it but when I gave it an update it was removed and I have to redo that process.

sorry do not publish from the community, just use the label. :(

Oh, that is so disappointing 😟. Which front end are you using @soyunasantacruz? Peakd.com saves your post as you write and you can post directly into The Ink Well community from there.

Exactly that, but I don't know what happens. I keep them with the community and if I go out to look for some reference or image when I come back it is deleted.

And I forget to check that step again. That has made me very sad, it has happened twice. It seems that I don't learn from the mistake 😔 @theinkwell

I am so sorry. I know some people write their story offline, in something like Word, and then copy and paste their saved story. That way you always have the original. Maybe that would help?

I don't lose my job, it's the community where I plan to publish it, in this case your community.

I take this opportunity to ask, do you have a discord?

Oh, I see! The Ink Well doesn't have discord at present, we do not have enough people to look after it. Did you have a question?

Yes, he will give some tips on daily tasks?

What do you mean?
Tips on the comments? yes 😁

What @soyunasantacruz experienced, I also have previously. I'd choose a community, save my draft, then return. The system would revert to My Blog. It caused several problems for me. However, I think with the recent upgrades to Peakd, I haven't had the problem this past two months.

Thanks, friend, if it has happened to me and continues to happen to me. @justclickindiva

I'm sorry for the troubles you have had, @soyunasantacruz. As @shanibeer suggested, it might help to write your draft somewhere else and then post it when you're ready. I often use Google docs for drafting content. Feel free to message me on Discord if you want additional information.

Hello thank you very much, the faults are from the Internet that is intermittent. I will have to publish in another schedule.

Thank you for your support and kindness. @jayna

This gives writers so much flexibility. Writers can choose the challenge that suits their interests. Although, sometimes it may be better to choose something in which there is little interest. In my case, that would be task #1:

Describe a room (eg kitchen, bedroom, living room) in a character's house in such a way that it tells us about a person's greatest hopes and fears.

Generally, I don't notice furnishings. This prompt would be a strain. Perhaps working through that sense of strain would help my writing in the future, and would encourage me to 'see' an environment the way my readers might imagine it.

I am tempted by this:

Choose a famous moment from history and create a new fictitious element: write about the setting

Writing about history, and letting my imagination roam free: that's me :)

This will be fun. Look forward to seeing how others who dwell in the Ink Well universe handle this challenge.

Yay, You like history. You can do that with less effort and flawlessly

I must say I enjoyed Day 2 composing various settings. I attempted and completed all 4 Tasks today. It took me 2 1/2 hours. Reading the scripts for the settings overwhelmed me a bit, but then I took each one and analyzed it, then I wrote one sentence on each background before I started. If I don't stop and write my thoughts down, I'll lose them. No matter where I am or what I'm doing.

Here's the link to my Day 2 Fast and Furious Festival activities:



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My participation in the Fast and Furious Festival Day 2 by TheInkWell: https://peakd.com/hive-170798/@morey-lezama/the-ink-well-fast-and-furious-festival-day-2

An my comments:

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Greetings to all the members of this beautiful community, here is my entry from day two of fast and furious:

This challenge took me almost three hours, despite the fact that every time I am faster and more furious editing, writing just I am furious !!!

I appreciate you visiting and supporting my Day 2 Tasks.

Day two participation:


Visited: (will be back for more)
added the following:

Here is my Day Two ... I did tasks two and three in about 35 minutes... I decided to change the ending on the sketch about General Grant, so that added to the time ...

My comments from day two:

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Thank you very much for recommending my Day 2 post to OCD for their review. I appreciate the support, rewards received, and exposure of my content. Day 2 was a labor intensive day, and I enjoyed exploring different settings. The workshop for the Festival has provided me the tools to create more concise and visually compelling content.

Good day everyone. Here's my responses to the day 2 of the inkwell fast and furious festival

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