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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the #fridayfun win HBI shares for comments post! How has your week been? Has anything exciting or joyful happened? Tell us in a comment below (remember to vote for this post and follow @theinkwell).

Feedback for Writers

We have some exciting news, too: @agmoore has joined The Ink Well as a curator. Have a look at the feedback from @agmoore and @jayna on these posts - the suggestions are valuable for every writer:

As Far As They Go by @bertrayo
The Back Pack by @ricardo993
The Island by @gilliatt
Motivation by @morey-lezama
The Phone Box by @marcybetancourt

HBI Shares Winners:

@aquaculture, @lacrucita, @ricardo993, @gilliatt, @dwixer, @morey-lezama, @bertrayo, @justclickindiva, @sayury, @agmoore
Thank you everyone for your comments!

Which was your favourite story this week? I liked The Back Pack by @ricardo993 - it left a smile on my face! Remember to vote for this post and follow @theinkwell.

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Writing Prize News

Last week we asked you about writers and editors working together to improve the presentation of stories submitted to The Ink Well. Our friend @ylich in the Literatos community has published a Call to Action explaining how the arrangement would work and why it is important. Please reblog or tag anyone in the comments that may be interested in helping (remember to vote for @ylich's post, too).

The Writing Prize will be launched on Sunday 20 December 2020.

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Your Help Needed! HBI shares for comments

For Writing Challenge Season 3, The Ink Well is going to have a Fast and Furious Festival. There will be a new prompt every day for twenty days from 11 January to 31 January. So exciting!

Each day will look at a different aspect of writing. For example, the prompt may be an image and you will be asked to use it to create a setting for a story in 150-300 words. Like this:


Image by milldesign from Pixabay

Another day, the challenge may be to write some dialogue, or to describe a character. In the second half of the challenge, The Ink Well will post some basic details and ask you to develop them in a quick story. There will also be some editing prompts, too.

So now, in the comments, tell us any ideas you have for prompts or challenges that we could include in the Fast and Furious Festival.

Remember to vote for this post and follow @theinkwell.

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The reading and observation of @agmoore for my story was great. I appreciate her criticism because it is the way to improve my writing.

Thanks also to @jayna who in other occasions has read me, and with her post tips I have been able to advance new stories.

On the other hand, my week has been quieter. I have bought fuel for my car after several hours in queue. I have also solved several family problems. My Christmas spirit has arrived, hahaha. That is good news for my health.

I read @theinkwell and it's amazing what the future holds.

Greetings to all. Thanks for this writing workshop! The experience is unique.

My Christmas spirit has arrived, hahaha

Good to hear 😍

Yes! 😃

I think it's a very good initiative to have the help of editors to improve our presentation. I'm one of the first who often feel that I make mistakes in the English translation. I have basic knowledge, but with the help of the editors the publication is cleaned up, I can even improve my English and enhance that skill. That they get 10% of the publication as a profit seems to me a good way to pay for their services.

As for the challenges I would propose and can improve my idea of writing with the style of a particular writer, read his narrative and try to use his way of writing. Could a reading space be introduced to analyze and see the benefits of narrative?

Thank you again, it is a pleasure for me that you have enjoyed my story. I can say that I liked the story of @gilliatt The Island, it was really funny and I find it very entertaining, it made me laugh in many scenes.

Could a reading space be introduced to analyze and see the benefits of narrative?

That is a good idea to add to the list, thank you.

Agradecida con @theinkwell por la invitación y por tan interesantes iniciativas, espero poder participar en ellas.

Mi semana ha estado entre dulce y amargo, por un lado la época es propicia para traer al presente recuerdos de un pasado bonito y por otro es inevitable no sentir tristeza porque esos momentos nunca serán iguales; el espíritu navideño está siempre presente, pero en mi país se transforma, transmuta, tiene connotaciones y colores diferentes. Sin embargo, tratemos que nunca se apaguen en nuestros corazones las luces de la NAvidad...

Hablas por el mundo, creo, en estos tiempos difíciles.

Gracias por estar con nosotros.

Thank you so much for the SBI shares for my comment. I appreciate it.

Good to have you with us :)

I like fast and furious

It should be fun :)

I like the new turn in which the contest will be holding.. thank you also for the HBI

Look forward to seeing you take part!

God's willing, I wouldn't miss it

Greetings to all the members of this beautiful hive, for the daily challenge it would be interesting to explore the genres. I find the news for 2021 very interesting, it will be a great challenge for those who dare to participate, and happy holidays !!!

Genres - that's an interesting idea!

Happy holidays,too!

I am excited to participate in theinkwell challenges, it has been a rewarding experience, the idea of a fast and furious challenge is in itself fascinating.

Everyone should build a good store of material for future stories.

It's been a really hectic week tho, lots of things happened but am glad to finally have a settling down, you know, just some time for myself. It's time to pick up my pieces and continue. The initiative is amazing, will be anticipating "fast and furious"

Glad you are having a quieter time :)

I think everything is very impressive and I hope someone will tell me in the form of advice, what to choose ....
Suppose about tough sailors ..

Hello @aquaculture 🙂. What do you want to choose?

Short story maybe💪

I'm honored to be part of the team. It's going to be an adventure reading stories and getting to know members of this community through their writing.

Welcome @agmoore, glad to have you with us.

Thanks a lot for the support, feedback and shares! Ha, ha, ha.

I like the idea of taking aspects of fiction into the challenges. Making the best environment is necessary. Writing dialogue is one of the most difficult things for fiction. It needs to be compelling and add depth to the characters and so many other aspects.

Maybe another ideas could be giving a different ending to a preexisting story. That also gives you the needs to use the elements given by the author in a different way as to give a smooth transition for finishing the story.

Another one could be giving a video prompt to write something about it. Using the same ideas there. For example, if the video lacks dialogue, it could be writing dialogue that conveys the emotions shown by characters in the scenes, and so on.

Haha, finally a story this week 😁!

Some good ideas for fast and furious - do you have any links to potential videos we could use?

Yes, ha, ha, ha. I have the story for this week. But I'm editing. It's very long. 😅

Hmm... Not exactly, but I can look up for some short films that could work just fine for it.

That would be great - tag @shanibeer :)

I am very happy to read all of the winning posts

Sejauh Mereka Pergi oleh @bertrayo
The Back Pack oleh @ ricardo993
The Island oleh @gilliatt
Motivasi oleh @ morey-lezama
The Phone Box oleh @marcybetancourt
I also envy them, but what should I say, I'm still struggling to improve the grammar I write
But I tend to like posts
The Island oleh @gilliatt
I admit it was like being stranded to the island😋

Thanks a lot. I think you can find online tools to help with the grammar. But what really helps improving it is reading a lot. So, you're already making a good job taking a peak at the posts. 😄

fast and furious festival..hmmm very interesting! We'll see... :) happy holidays!!!

You, too!

"Fast and Furious" is a cool idea! Hoping to see a prompts on dialogues, that should be fun! :)

It should be fun, thank you for the feedback.

Nothing interesting so far, Nigeria has just announced the second lockdown but I hope we survive this period

How long is the lockdown for?

No definite period but xmas and new year will definitely be spent in isolation

A good time for writing?

Smiles.. Definitely, a good time for writing.. I want to know if curie still curate posts made in the community

Yes, The Ink Well still has curie support.

Hello, friends, this week has been very special for me, among other things because my son turned 18, which, according to Venezuelan law, makes him of legal age. He was born on December 21th, the Spirit Day of Christmas. And we spent pleasant moments together in a perhaps atypical way: We stayed together watching an anime (which I recommend) called "Cells at work" (Japanese, with Spanish subtitles) in which they present the human body and its elements are characters. White blood cells are seen talking while they are going to fight with the invading viruses (corona virus ... oooohhhh) and a red blood cell runs by carrying its little bit of oxygen for the cells. At 12 o'clock on the night of the 20th I gave him his birthday greeting, we continued to watch animes (and the "live action of Aladdin") we drank ... (No, did not drink wine but...sardine head consommé) and go to bed ... at 4 am

What a lovely way to celebrate your son's coming of age, congratulations to him and his family 🎂 🍰 🍾 ❤️

A suggestion for the "Fast and Furious Festival": Propose some moment of real history so that in that context we develop a fictitious story ... mixing real characters with other invented ones. Something like: "Create a romance for Napoleon just three days before the Battle of Waterloo"

An interesting idea ... let me add it to the list!

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Thank you @iamraincrytal 🎄