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Welcome friends and supporters,

It has been a busy few months in The Ink Well with lots of new subscribers and old friends taking part in Season 2 of the Writing Challenge and the #fridayfun comments posts. It's good to see everyone!

In this edition of the newsletter, we'll be talking about The Ink Well's holiday plans together with an update about the Writing Prize, how to earn forever with The Ink Well, and last but not least, The Ink Well is looking for Community Builders to join the team.

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Thank you everyone for your comments. Remember:

Holiday Plans


Image by Natalia Lavrinenko from Pixabay

The Ink Well curation team will be taking a holiday from Monday 21 December 2020 until Sunday 10 January 2021.

During this period, The Ink Well will only accept entries to the Writing Prize. We will not curate any other posts.

Thank you for your co-operation!

Writing Prize Update

The Writing Prize has been planned to coincide with the team taking a holiday and will launch on Sunday 20 December 2020 (closing date: Sunday 10 January 2021). There will 500 Hive in prizes: 1st Prize 250 Hive; 2nd Prize 125 Hive and 3rd Prize 75 Hive.

The last Writing Prize was very successful with a very high standard of entries. We expect this one to be even better and to take our writers to the next level. We have planned three weeks for entries to give you plenty of time to write your story and to ensure it is perfectly edited and presented.

Changes to The Ink Well

You will see some changes in The Ink Well over the holiday period as we get the community ready for 2021 with some special posts from @theinkwell account. We are going to:

  • set up a book store
    highlighting a selection of the best stories from 2020 so that they can earn forever through tips.
  • create a FAQs post
    all the community rules and curation policies together in one place. It will be easy to link it for new members or for people you want to invite to the community.
  • establish a library for the writing tips
    a handy index where you will be able to find writing tips by topic.

Writing Challenge Season 3

Launches Monday 11 January 2021
This one is going to be a bit different, so watch out for that!

TheInkWell Section Seperator.png

Earn Forever with The Ink Well


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Ink Well aims to create a long-term income for writers through tipping forever! We will complement other forms of income including traditional publishing, Amazon KDP and platforms like Patreon. You can read more about our plans in the September newsletter.

In order to do this, The Ink Well is looking for high quality writing, and short stories that have a clear story arc, a satisfying resolution, well-developed characters and a high standard of editing and presentation.

These writing tips will help you to reach the standards we are looking for:

We also ask for exclusive original content - stories that readers will not be able to find anywhere else on the Internet, except The Ink Well and your personal Hive blog. This is so we can attract new readers with stunning, high-quality, unique stories.

In the New Year, The Ink Well will feature writing tips that will help you to increase the earning power of your posts forever. Here's a sneak peak of some of the tips:

Look forward to your comments about below - remember to:

TheInkWell Section Seperator.png

Vacancies: Community Builders


Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

The role of Community Builders is to support and engage with posters and to encourage them to engage with each other.

The main tasks will be to:

  • Meet and greet posters (a friendly comment welcoming a new poster, for example).
  • Encourage participation by reading and leaving positive comments on posts.
  • Resolve routine queries – e.g. where to find writing tips, explaining how something works.

Community builders will have a small Hive bounty so that they can tip good comments.

Ideally, we would like to arrange it so that at least one Community Builder is available every day.

Community Builders would receive benefits from the weekly challenge post by @theinkwell and a daily vote from the @theinkwell account. We will also provide support for Community Builders to help you settle into your role.

We are looking for Community Builders who are:

  • Chatty and friendly and enjoy interacting in the community.
  • Knowledgeable about the community (and love writing)!
  • Interested in building the community and increasing participation.

This will be a six-month commitment to start, then there will be a review. To apply, please write a post in The Ink Well community explaining why you would like to be a Community Builder and what you feel you would gain from the experience. Tag @shanibeer in your post.

Deadline for applications: Friday 18 December 2020 at 11.59pm UTC.

TheInkWell Section Seperator.png

We would like to invite lovers of short stories to visit The Ink Well, a Hive community started by @raj808 and run by @shanibeer and @stormlight24 with support from moderators @carolkean and @jayna.

It is now possible to follow The Ink Well curation trail on Hive blockchain with Hive.Vote. Simply navigate to the curation trail section and search for theinkwell and our trail will pop up as an option.

If you wish to delegate to @theinkwell and support creative writing on Hive, you can do this from the wallet section in PeakD.

A big thank you for our delegations from:


Click banner to visit our community page

Find us on twitter by clicking the banner above. '


Hello @inkwell. I.m sharing your post in my twitter:

Hello @sayury, @theinkwell has already posted this to twitter - you could really help by re-tweeting @theinkwell's tweet 🙂

Hi, @shanibeer, all right, I´ll do it so.

Thank you, that is wonderful!

Great news!
I'm sorry I wasn't active during this period.
I love to write, but I'm not a storytelling machine. Many times my mood has stopped the development of my stories. During these times I have been physically and mentally exhausted.

I'm very happy to participate in @theinkwell. Special greetings to all!

Sometimes it is easier to write than others 🙂
Always pleased to see you!

I am very happy to always be invited to every post. And I really support Writing Prize ^^ Get It Forever with The Inkwell. And I will soon be participating in a contest on the theme (THIS NIGHT ..

THank you for your story!

I have read every paragraph and sentence. I really think it's excellent the plans they will carry out, I'm looking forward to those new challenges to come. While you are on vacation I will then cultivate my experiences and readings to create more literary content for the community.

And I think the tags or URLs to attract outside readers are a great idea. I would like to attract more people.

That's a good way to use the break!

These are more awesome news! I'm looking forward to these things being fulfilled, but I hope I get on the writing horse before that. That Community Builder positions sound like an awesome way not only to help The Inkwell, but engage even more in hive.

Thank you @bertrayo, the writing horse has caught my imagination - I see it like a handsome charger!

It is a good metaphor for the process.

Much of my pleasure for things to come is in the announcement and in the waiting ... Thanks for the HBI. This time I want to participate in this great writing award starting the year.
We will continue meeting until the beginning of the holiday period.
Greetings @theinkwell team .

Hello @gracielaacevedo, thank you for joining us!

I am looking forward to the challenge season 3 and please add @aiovo me to mention so I can be notified whenever there is a new challenge

Welcome @aiovo, please follow @theinkwell and you will hear about everything that is happening 🙂

Thank you, @shanibeer!

for the wonderful work you have been doing. It's a beautiful project! I salute the hard work and great achievements of @theinkwell.

And I'm more than willing to help creating The Ink Well's Bookstore! Writers are also invited to ask for my support as well.

It's the least I can do to give back what I have been given; that is to have learned that I can be a writer, and to become a better writer every day. So I'm excited about what comes next.


Hello, @lacrucita, thank you for joining us and your offer of help!

I thank you, once again, for considering me for the HBI award. I really like the idea of the personal story library. I am already working on it. I would like to collaborate with @theinkwell in any way possible, but I may not be the best community builder, so I hope there will be some proposals, in that sense, from competent and suitable people to fulfil that responsibility.
I am very excited about the writing award. I know there will be a lot of participation and it will be a big challenge. I have a couple of questions about this award: Will there be only one entry per participant? And: Is there no limit to the length of the texts?

Hello @morey-lezama, thank you for joining us.
For the writing prize:
Yes, there will be only entry per participant.
We are still discussing the length of the texts. At the moment, we are thinking about 2,000 words (for the English version). What do you think?

Two thousand words seems a good number to me. It will allow us to sufficiently expose our ideas. In addition, I agree that it be one entry per participant. There we will read to each other. Greetings

There is another idea and I welcome your opinion.

The idea is for English speaking writers to collaborate with writers who do not speak English as their first language. The English speaker would help the other writer to edit the English version of their story. So often, the machine translator mangles the syntax and the language of a story that may be beautifully written in, for example, Spanish.

Writers could name their collaborator in their post, and The Ink Well would provide a special award for writers that collaborate.

The challenge post would ask that writers that want to collaborate can comment, for example:

"I speak English as a first language and I am willing to collaborate."

What do you think of the idea?

Is it too complicated?

Perhaps @lacrucita could add her opinion as it is her idea 🙂

I think that's a very good idea. I don't think it's complicated. It would be one more task for those of us who don't have English as our first language: to look for a collaborator who would be encouraged to participate and win with @theinkwell. This practice, without a doubt, is going to affect positively the quality of our texts. This is a goal to which we all aspire.

I think that translators like @hlezama and any other that can be added could also collaborate.

I thought that the collaborators would be within The Ink Well community but now that you raise it, they could be anyone on hive.

We have allowed three weeks for entries so that everyone will have the best opportunity.

I think it is more convenient to expand the possibilities of getting collaborators.

Yes, I agree, and it will help to build The Ink Well community!

Hey there!

I think the proposal of collaborators is a good idea. I once worked in collaboration with @soyrosa for the We Event
by Marianne West. I wrote the story in English, and she worked on a photograph of hers to illustrate the story, but she also took the liberty of editing it. By doing that the story was better.

I have only translated a couple of my stories and that it's because I don't enjoy the process. So I decided to either write the story in Spanish or in English, depending on where I'm publishing it or in which language I get inspired

But in any case, I believe that every text needs a second pair of eyes, either native or non native speakers. Of course, non native speakers would need more help.

Perhaps team work? Two people reviewing each other? Just focusing on grammar and spelling, and giving advice in the case of wording or content (with comments) for the writers to decide for themselves.

I'm thinking out loud but let's see what other ideas come to mind 💆🏻‍♀️💡

Hello @lacrucita, some good ideas! I will include a question in the #fridayfun post tomorrow so more people have an opportunity to comment.

I won more shares? Wow! That's great and I still haven't started publishing here. 😅

That makes me feel a little bit of shame. But worry not. I'll get back on the writing horse soon enough.

Look forward to seeing you!

Hi @bhattg, @theinkwell has already posted this to twitter - you could really help by re-tweeting @theinkwell's tweet on twitter. Many thanks.

Hola, amigos de @theinkwell. Primero que nada les agradezco el obsequio de HBI. ¡Bienvenidos siempre!

Está muy tentadora la oferta del premio de escritura. Y los retos de escritura también son interesantísimos. ¡Éxitos en todo!