Perfect Wish

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Tara is a jealous bitch. So far it's what everyone called her.
No other lady is to be seen with her fiance, not to talk of exchanging pleasantries.

She doesn't think twice about dragging and pulling the hair of the victim if any found.
I call her a crazy bitch. No! Actually, a lunatic was a better fit.
I usually minded my business, not to ever cross paths with my Ex John, Tara's so-called fiance.

This was a deliberate act to save me from all the dramas.
I didn't wanna be the reason why Tara would go all crazy and I wasn't going to take such risks.

The other day John rang me up asking about my birthday preparations. "What do you care?" did I tell you I was going to have one?

John knows I am not a fan of throwing birthday parties. To me, it was never in any way a major achievement.
I hung up after giving him a piece of my mind.
I and John had broken up for about two months now. I see no reasons why he keeps bugging and bothering me with his calls even after he has gotten himself a new girlfriend; a crazy one at that.

One Wednesday evening which happen to be one of my free days, I was getting bored sitting at home all alone, so I decided to stroll to the eatery to grab a plate of strawberry ice cream; my favorite, and a nice snack to back it up.

Since it was just a few kilometers away from home, I wore a casual outfit, a pair of flip-flops, and my joggers, my hair was loosely tied in a way that covered only part of my eyes.
I grabbed my treat and was about to leave. Immediately when I exit the door, I bumped into John alongside his nasty girlfriend.

John pretended to be polite and nice and apologized Not a problem! I responded. I am sorry I didn't look ahead as well.
"You had better do" guess who that came from? The crazy bitch Tara.
I knew too well to ignore her and walk away.

Few minutes after the incident, I felt someone grab my arms from behind, I was startled that I almost stood to heel but only for me to turn around and realize it was John.
What does he want now? I almost gave him the hottest slap of his life but heavens heard my wishes.

The slap came, but it wasn't from me but his beloved crazy girlfriend.
I couldn't help but burst into laughter.
I flung his hands off my arm and excused them to settle their issues.

The hot slap I have been wishing to give to John all my life finally took place in my presence before my very eyes.
I didn't even have to hurt my hands to get it done

The crazy bitch helped me execute those plans and made my wishes come true.
She made her crazy moves on John and this enough was alone for me.



Sarah granted your wish.
I think the deserve each other. They should both enjoy themselves in peace. Tell him to stay the hell away from you. 😃

😏😂 yeah, I think they deserve each other.
The character got the long wish of her life.😁

That John's girl is so crazy. Slapped John in the public😔. John can't control his feelings for his ex-gf.

I picture myself in that scene, receiving such slap. Like heaven calls 😂 such slap can make one go deaf 😂

Lovely story, I enjoyed it.

Lol. You shouldn't picture yourself in that place cause it gonna be hot 😂
Thanks for stopping by

😂😂😂, very hot

You use the prompt to tell a story about irrational jealousy. This is a good jumping off point for our introduction to Tara, who has significant personality issues. By extension, we meet John. At the end of the story readers are convinced that the narrator is wise to stay clear of both John and Tara.

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hehehe a story about a failed romance that still follows the protagonist, how unpleasant a person like that must be. Still insistent even though it's all over. I hope this drama continues to see where it leads.