Unseen Crime

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When was the last time you heard from Jessica Parker? I asked the suspect.
I don't know what, but something about Simpson seemed fishy and I needed to satisfy my curiosity even before he was taken into custody.

6:30 pm!
The time matches with the time Jessica was reported missing.
Clara, Jessica's friend said they both came back from school only for Jessica to tell her along the way that she forgot something in school and needed to go back and get it.
And according to Clara's statement, Jessica told her it was ok for her to head home cause she would be back in no time.

Little did Clara know that Jessica her friend has gone missing since then. She didn't return home and neither did she get a call from her.
When Clara was called over by the policemen to give her statement about Jessica's last location or whereabouts, Clara felt so bitter for having allowed her friend to go back to school all alone.
She felt guilty and sad. She regretted not going with her in the first place.
It would have taken just a few kilometers to walk with her friend back to school but she rather listened to what Jessica said and headed back home, now she is all worried about her.

Simpson is the delivery guy. He came to deliver a package to Jessica. He said she ordered it a day before the incidence
He got to Jessica's place at exactly 6:30 pm, rang on the doorbell but there was no response so he had to put a call through.
Jessica picked up the call but in his statement, he couldn't hear her very well so he had to hang up and wait for her by the door.
He wasn't supposed or allowed to return to the company with someone's package so he had to wait.

Shortly after, Jessica's home was surrounded by a group of policemen in their attire with different kinds of guns with them.

I led the team, walked up to Simpson, I could notice from his sweat that he was afraid and very nervous. To worsen the whole matter, I pointed the pistol I had with me at Simpson. He was startled and shaky.
What's your mission here? I asked him.
I am a delivery guy, answered Simpson. I came to deliver a package to Jessica Parker. I got this location and I have been waiting for her.

Before he could add more to his statement, I pulled him up and grabbed his cell phone from him. Immediately I went to his call log and just as I predicted, Jessica was the last person he phoned.
I gave him back his cell phone and ordered the policemen to get hold of him.
I needed to find out what was his true intentions and why Jessica Parker happens to be the last person he phoned and at exactly the time of her disappearance.

Let go! Let go of me!
I have done nothing wrong, Simpson pleaded and screamed at the top of his voice.
For some reason, it felt he was innocent but as a person working with the FBI, every detail was significant, and every piece of evidence needed to be clarified.
And the only evidence at the moment was Simpson's last call to Jessica.
Yes, I found that fishy and I needed to clear my doubts.

Keep it down young guy, I said to Simpson the delivery guy.
You have to answer a few more questions from us and you will do that at the station.
Simpson was dragged into the car with his delivery box. His cap fell off while struggling with the policemen.

Just after the policemen zoomed off, another car drove in. Jessica Parker came down from the car, waving to the guy at the back seat.
She smiled and stood for some minutes looking at the car till it drove out.
When she walked towards her doorstep, she noticed the cap that fell off the delivery guy's head.
She picked it up and behold the phrase We Are At Your Service was written on it and she could easily tell it was from the delivery guy.

What happened here? Why did he leave his cap behind?
Jessica was a little confused because she remembered telling the delivery guy to wait for her or to drop her package by her doorpost that when she returned she would pick it up and then credit the company's account. So why did he leave his cap behind instead of the package?.

While she was still wondering and pondering on this, Clara called.
Fortunately for Clara, Jessica picked.
Where the hell are you? What happened? Are you safe? Are you okay? How is your health? Did they do anything to you?
Jessica was yet again confused as to why her friend Clara was panicking and asking all those questions.

Calm down Clara, take a deep breath. Tell me what's going on here?
Could we meet at my place?
Yes, of course, I will be right there.

Jessica, what happened? We were all worried about you.
The policemen were here at your house some hours ago and they have Simpson.
Who is Simpson? Jessica asked.
Simpson is the delivery guy. He was taken into custody because of your disappearance. They thought he had something to do with it. His statement and call history matched with the time of your disappearance so the policemen had no other option but to take him away.

Wait what? Jessica shouted.
But he is innocent. Yes, Simpson called me and told me he was at my place. I asked him to wait for me or better still leave the package here for me but I guess he didn't hear me very clearly.
Oh my goodness! Poor Simpson.
What are you exclaiming about right now? When you should be up and ready to get to the station so the policemen could release poor innocent Simpson.
Hurry up, come on let's get there right away.
And trust me, you will be in trouble with me by the time we are back. You got us all worried.

The End...



This is wonderful. I actually laughed out loud. Poor Simpson. You describe the physical scene with a good pace. The action moves along and we get a very physical sense of the goings on because of the details you offer. This is a kind of comedy of errors.

Thank you for posting this lighthearted 'mystery' story in the Ink Well community.

Lol, surprisingly I also found Simpson's case to be a little funny.
I am glad this story was worth your laugh.

I thought Jessica got into trouble. You got me there.

Poor Simpson, he came at the wrong time😂. I hope he's going to be fine.

Interesting story, i enjoyed it.❤✌🏻

Lol. Poor Simpson indeed. I know we all thought he did something bad to Jessica lol.
Glad you liked it


What a lively and fun story, @zellypearl. I read it with my hands partly covering my eyes because I was so worried that Simpson had done something terrible to Jessica. So I was truly relieved when she turned up safe and sound. Great job with the suspense and the story arc!

I can imagine the suspense. Thinking about what Simpson could have done to Jessica only for her to be safe after all lol.
I really appreciate your comment.

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