Any travel communities in Hive?

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Hi My dear Hivers. Below is screenshot from Publish0x


For the time being , I get him delegated 25 HP from Giftgiver but I have no idea to his second question about "travel community" that exist in Hive.

Can someone help him and show the "travel community" where he can interact.

Feel free to show some Hive love to this user at his blog. User profile is


Thanks so much for the assist! So far I've found TravelFeed and HaveyouBeenHere, but since none of my blogs have been featured, they haven't received more than 1 vote or many views. Your help will go a long way in getting started on this new platform!

Wow! look like your starting post has done really well. Keep yourself motivated and do not forget to keep staking this Hive (after post payment) so that you have now have enough resource credit for yourself.

As mawit07 suggested ,you can do #introyourself post also.

Hey there, just a little tip, the key on Hive is engagement, that's as important as quality content and the best way to get support in the long run. Whales are great but it's risky to put all your eggs in one basket. You have plenty of resource credits now so engagement won't be a problem.

In a few days time, you'll get the payout for your first couple of posts. If you're looking for long term on Hive, staking your rewards will help you to to establish and grow yourself in the platform (not financial advice!!)

Good luck!

I agree. I wanted this post to be published first so that people had something to reference when they saw my comment. I have already followed some interesting folks though!

I recommend do a #introyourself post first and post in the largest communities with the most upvotes such as Gem and Leo. Although it may seem counterintuitive to post something not their passion it gets them notice by whales and in turn can enough views to do posts what he really wants to post on traveling. On the curation front look for whales or people with high reputation score that does similar travel posts. Example @livinguktaiwan

Thanks Friends, for helping to make a successful onboarding one more user to Hive.

Thanks @r1s2g3 and @mawit07 for this.

Luckliy @nudgetravel dropped me a comment, and I've found his blog now. It's always a pleasure to find new travellers join Hive, particularly those who produce quality content.

Haveyoubeenhere and pinmapple community is the most active and longstanding travel community on the chain and we are well supported by many whales such as blocktrades, theycallmedan and OCD. Not many other communities, and certainly no other travel community have the same level of support.

It's unfortunate that Hive isn't the must user friendly place for newbies but once you're 'discovered' and start engaging with others on the chain, life will be a lot easier. Pinmapple was able to give @nudgetravel a legs up with his first couple of post, hopefully things will get better now.

Good luck to everyone and all the best for 2021