Likwid Didn't Paid My Four Post Reward

in Ask the Hive2 months ago

In the end of August 2020 suddenly @likwid stopped transfering liquid post reward people who used to set @likwid as a post beneficiary. September 2020 to October 2020 I also Set @likwid as post beneficiary of my four #Hive post.


After didn't getting two post liquid reward from @likwid I try to contact with @transisto in their discord channel he reply me that because of #Hardfork they are trouble-shooting @likwid process. It will take some days to solve the issue. When they will fix it they will transfer our payment. But from then, Still I didn't get my four post liquid reward from the Likwid service.

Unpaid reward post:


Total HBD: 4.62


Total HBD: 4.90


Total HBD: 3.81


Total HBD: 3.89

This my complain to #HiveGovernace and question for @likwid, will he paid my post reward?