Perfection can't be achieved but being the BEST requires practice

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Before making this post, I was having doubts on whether I could actually do justices on a topic such as this, reason being that I have a long way to go before people actually see me as good (in reference to my writing skills) although I see myself as the best (in progress) due to urge and openness to learning and suggestions. I agree that I am not perfect, but no one is actually perfect and I feel that's where we mix things up as humans.

Perfection belongs to God alone but as human, we can only be the best version of ourselves in all ramifications of life and what we do. So when people critics you or your trade or art, relax and remind them perfection belongs to God alone and we humans are allowed to make mistakes in as much as we are learning from them. Being the best version of ourselves requires some drilling and nurturing, not forgetting that during this period mistakes might arise but that shouldn't discourage one his/her course of being the best.

All humans who are been perceived as the best in their field has at one point been a student or an amateur, so it's only normal to take your time to wield your skills well so as to be considered the best in a field of your choice. You can easily be persuaded at this juncture to give up through numerous intimidating remarks, gestures and even lack of support from close allies who should naturally stand by you. No one was born as the best in any skill, what actually made then the best was the continuous practice been put into horning of the skills, learning from their mistakes, building a thick skin for criticism while been open to suggestions.

You shouldn't be surprised by my example of the case study used for this study. It will drive the points I am trying to make more clearer. Let's all take a look at Cristiano Ronaldo, he is a football player currently plying his trade in Italy at juventus football club. Before he became the best, he has always seen himself as the best, this was right from the tender age of 15 but he knew he had a lot of work to do before people see him as he sees himself. He trained harder than the rest, being mute to criticism from people while his willingness to learn from those whose guidance will make him better took him far


You are right... To be the best, you have to practice... You can have talent, and do great because of that, but if you want to grow and be the best, that needs effort and practice!

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I had no idea this was going on. Would have been using the ctp tag a long time ago. Now I do know though..thank you

None of us are born great at anything. We all have to learn even though you may have a natural talent at something you still have to learn and practice it. I guess the main thing is we strive to be the best we can possibly be.

I second your view.. It's only normal for us to nature talents and you will be surprised at how far you go

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