Daily Drawing Challenge: Day 4 - Building [Lippo Center @ Hong Kong]

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This is the building ``Lippo Center'' where I first worked, in 1993. At the time, my job was as a clerk in an architect's office. I like working here very much, maybe I was young, so many colleagues helped me.

Today Topic is Building. So I draw Lippo Center. Following is my drawing steps:





Copy from @maxwellmarcusart

#DDC is a 30-day drawing challenge that was brought up to enable us enhance our creativity, have daily goals, improve our engagement and get to link up with our fellow artist.

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Damn! That building is so long! That's a beautiful sketch from you with grasses behind.

I would love to visit Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai some day in the future.

Hong Kong is a nice place..... but the living expenses are too high : (

Yup, it's a big city so it should be high!