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RE: Missed opportunities...same mistakes...

in OCDlast year

I don't bother anymore tbh. I've chosen a different approach that has people asking questions and that's fine by me.
I use my twitter and just talk casually about Steem activities and whenever people ask, i tell them passively about how I blog and earn cryptocurrency there. If you're interested, you'll go check it out.
Steem needs people that are genuinely interested in content creation, rather than people who come for the money then get frustrated when their fist post doesnt make them a millionaire.

I've onboarded quite a few people through this means. The idea is just live your life normally and make them see how steem is a part of your life; talk about things you see but not in a marketing picth way but in a casual normal way, something like "can you imagine this guy made $20 from this post?" Then just continue acting naturally. Don't advertise, dont even suggest they join, just act like you'd be better off without them joining.

Humans are more interested in places they're not welcomed. Its reverse psychology they call it