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Wow, it has been a crazy weekend for me...I mean, we just make plans despite knowing how feasible things can change. My mind is just in a state of well, not confusion....I don't know how to put it. Everything is just happening all at once, it just gets scary by the day. To start with, my dad was admitted to the hospital due to food poisoning. Something he ate I guess, the night before was so crazy...I couldn't sleep because of how restless he was shuttling between the toilet and throwing up. At a point he was too weak, so he was admitted for proper care. My "planned weekend of rest and chill" was spent in the hospital with him, however I am glad he is doing much better now....not yet discharged though.

Now what scares me is the place I call my home, where things are beginning to spiral out of control. I have never been more scared as I am now, it all seem unreal. I mean things I read only in history books, heard about from a far distance are all happening in a place called Nigeria. The government has become one with no shame and has become the greatest threat to the people. A country where the one who was voted for as turned against the people, ignoring, trampling, killing the hope and smiles of the people. With no sense of humanity, they ignore the cries and pleas of her citizens.

Everyone wants to go her separate ways, but they rather spill blood than to see that happen. Thinking about it gives me headache most times....can't they just sit down think, talk and decide on the best way for everyone, be it a divided country. I just want to live in peace even if it is with an average income. Having millions in this won't even give you peace of mind, as you are scared of getting kidnapped by bandits or harassed by those meant to protect you...the police. Horrible things happening did we even get here?

How did these people get elected into these position? Just because a tweet was deleted, the "government" decided to ban Twitter....does that even make sense? A tweet directed at threatening the people who once believed you'd bring "change". It is funnily embarrassing to even think about it. Now people who use that as a way to create more visibility for their business are left to walls, well not like they care anyway. Oh, I can't put up my post on Twitter now either, well except I use VPN....which I have to see how it works.

Now, I want to leave here. I know different countries are fighting their demons right now but the demon in my country is the deadliest, scariest and most vile. But is it easy to actually relocate? That is another problem, being that there is already a bad reputation tagged to this country...not like it is a lie but there are good people from here also.

So where am I relocating to guys? oh I am trying and I am dead serious about it, just in case you think I am joking. I'd allow you put me in your travelling bag lol...okay, that's on a lighter note. I am open to suggestions....very open.

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