Abandoning Blind Faith and Customs

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I respect all the cultures around the world but the problem with some of the cultures is that they have blind faiths or meaningless practices for centuries and they still exist. These are accepted without logic and thoughtful considerations in every corner of the world. People of all faith, do get impressed by these orthodoxies and blindly accept these beliefs. Though I am not blaming or making fun of these practices, still our faith and practices should be well thought of instead of blindly following it.

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Some of the beliefs which I came across here in India are:

  1. In India, a very common belief is regarding an evil eye i.e. Buri Nazar, which actually stands for negative or harmful powers. People across India adopt various practices to save themselves from this evil eye, like applying black mark just behind the ear, or wearing black thread on the left leg, or sticking lemon and chilli in a thread and hand them on their homes and shops.
  2. Adding a rupee to the cash when they offer it as a gift, like Rs 101, Rs 501, Rs 1001 etc, it is believed as a sagun which adds good luck.
  3. Throwing coins in the river will bring good luck, this is actually happening from ancient times where our coins used to be of silver or brass and thus throwing coins will actually cleanse the water which used to be a common source of water. But today I think it is just blind faith.
  4. Number 13 is considered as Unluck Number.
  5. Asking anyone where he is going when he steps out of the home is considered inauspicious because it's believed that the interruption results in failure.
  6. If anyone sneezes at the time of stepping out are considered inauspicious whereas two sneezes are considered as a good sign.
  7. Warning white shirt brings success.
  8. Hanging a poster with tears in eyes brings misfortune.
  9. It is not good to keep Shoes and Sandals below the cot because they bring bad dreams.
  10. If you are wearing a new dress and an unhappy event happens that day, you should not wear that dress again.
  11. If a lizard falls on you, it is just an indication that you should be careful for the next few days as because something bad can happen.
  12. Should not use white sheets for covering up or white sheets for bedspreads as it might bring an early death.

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Now this belief is of Indians, whereas there are other believes like this all over the world like

  1. In Japan, number 4 and 7 is considered auspicious
  2. Seeing White Snakes will bring luxuries and snakes
  3. In Taiwan, Red colour linked with Happiness and Joy
  4. In Korea, the gift wrapped in the white paper is considered inauspicious.
    and a lot more.

Though let me be honest, I do believe some of the beliefs and practices but I know these are nothing but blind faith. This is prevalent all over the world and thus a lot of people do believe in those. What we actually should do is to stop believing these things seriously and thus move ahead by adopting discretionary wisdom.

Do you any other blind faith or customs in your country?


Ignorance ,Illiteracy and poverty further strengthen it.

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