Negative Feedback is an Advantage?

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We all get feedback from time to time for everything we do, like work, hobby or anything. Now the feedback basically is of two types positive and negative. We all want to get positive feedback every single time, but let me tell you that negative feedback has its own advantage.


I know whenever we get negative feedback, we usually get sad or angry and we always think of giving up. Giving up is easy, but it is difficult to handle the criticism and still go forward in doing the things.

I remember on my first job after college, it was only 2 months and I was still new to the office culture as well as I was learning as much as possible. I wanted to give my best as it was my new job as well as I wanted to have a good impression among my seniors. I was getting positive feedback from most of the senior folks. Then one day, I was scolded for doing something wrong in code, I was devastated and I wanted to change the job as soon as possible. But changing the job was not an option, the only option for me at that time was to rectify the wrong things as well as try not to repeat the same mistakes in future.

As I said the feedback comes in all forms, whether positive or negative. We usually ignore most of the feedbacks but some stick to us, like the above one. Usually what I feel is that negative feedback grabs our attention for long whereas positive feedback usually dies off with time. Just like this one, its been 8 years and still I remember this instance and actually it has made me a better person than a better coder, which you will find out how in this post.


When I got that feedback I was like I am a total failure and thus I cannot do tasks as per the requirement, but when I analyze the situation now that feedback has helped me a lot to grow. As we all know, no one in the world is perfect and thus we all make mistakes. The only thing which we have to improve is that whenever we get these negative feedbacks, we should take it as an opportunity to improve ourselves as well we should try to not make those mistakes in our lives again. That means with negative feedback you became a better version of your own self.

If a person thinks that positive feedbacks are only necessary for one's growth, then that is wrong. Both positive and negative feedbacks are equally important for our own's growth. This is human nature that they don't find a fault on their work, so it's actually important for us to get feedback from others and then use that opportunity to improve what we actually have missed by our own. S

Someone who is giving us negative feedbacks is always not bad. But yeah there are some people who always talk about negative things or give negative feedback, we have to tolerate them. I am talking about a genuine person who gives negative feedback, we should take that feedback in a healthy manner. They are not pointing out the failures but they are helping us to improve and grow if we take the feedback using an open mind.


I think the feedback also does not depend on who is giving it, my juniors can give feedback to me and I actually like it, because we want everyone to grow together. Along with that, I am not saying whatever someone says just agree, what we can actually do is to talk with that person and try to rectify it with the help of the person. But again we should analyze the feedback and then try to improve it. We can discard the feedback too, but we should know when to discard it.

What I really mean is that we should not keep the negative feedbacks in our mind or if the feedback is irrelevant we should throw it in the garbage because that will not help you in any way.


Thanks for sharing your experience with feedback... I would say that both of them are important (positive or negative) if you want to grow...

You don't have to LISTEN to every single piece of advice from the feedback that you get as others can be also wrong, but constructive feedback can be useful for your growth...

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That's correct, positive and negative both should give you motivation

nice post, thanks for sharing

thanks :)