Let's Make Children's Storybooks on Hive

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Idea for Hive: Children Story Books

I think I may have thought of a brilliant way to promote Hive and at this point I'll give this one away for free. Hard printed story books for children from hive posts. This could be done in a number of ways including leveraging the trending NFT market.

Great for...

  • Hive Advertising, sell on Amazon, Etsy, Etc.
  • Liquidity for NFT Market, additional revenue stream to content creators
  • Fun Content for Hive User-base (i.e. author rewards for them), look how Splinterlands currently leverages this!
  • Keepsake for your Family, who wouldn't want a real printed copy of their family generated from Hive posts a lot of the community is currently putting out there!

I could probably continue going on but I think you get the general idea. I've kind of stumbled upon this from all the pictures and posts I've been putting on the blockchain of my son Owen. Check some out here!

Example Post 1

Example Post 2

Example Post 3

Example Post 4

Hard Copy Printing

I actually have a friend who owns a printing company, so maybe I'll trial this myself. I would probably look to sell them all in for around $20 bucks maybe. Would anyone be interested? Ideally, it would be like a normal children's book.

Comment below if you'd be willing to commit $20 in Hive, I'm not asking for any real commitment, just to gauge general interest in the idea.

Children's Book Details

  • Hard Cover
  • Pictures only
  • 10-20 pictures roughly or 10 pages
  • Two Types:
  1. Pictures with words (Option A)
  2. Books with pictures and limited texts (Option B)

Examples of Pages:

Option A

Option B

Great for Hive Parents or NFT Content Creators?

I know a lot of parent's would love this idea, well at least if they're anything like me. However, what I'd like to highlight instead is how this is a great potential way to use the ever growing NFT market.

My guess is there is low interest for using some of the great artwork from the various artists on Hive. What if that artwork could be published in Children's books! I think you get the idea there, but I believe it could be a popular one just like how NFT as a whole is now.

If you are an artist, feel free to include some content in the comments below you think would be a great addition to a Hive Children's Storybook as well!


If you've been following my recent posts it's probably no surprise to you what inspired this idea of mine. I've been having a blast posting pictures of my adventures with my son.

What I also found is that once I go through the effort of editing the photos and thinking of witty comments to make in them, I read them to my 2 year old boy. He absolutely loves it, and it's just like reading a book! I point to the pictures and ask him to find things in the photos. I also point to each word when I read them aloud just like any other book.

Thanks for stopping by friends...


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I think that would be wonderful! Bringing back memories or your childhood. Your son is handsome wow! @cryptoknight12

Yea exactly, and just in case Hive isn't forever a book is! Or at least, it can last quite a long time

I second that motion. Make Hive a true social media platform

We could make a collection of them. Then one day, in ten years at a Hive meet-up our children are like "where do I know that guy from?"

lol. That could very well happen. 😇

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Its great idea to generate more hivers from all around the world, i mean no one can hate children they would love to express their children's stories on hive. #greatidea #ideaforhive