My Random Series: Lockdown Day 83

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Public holiday today. Our Agong's (King) Birthday today. And it's also the last day of school holiday. Well, it doesn't make any difference now as everyone is staying at home. Even though it's school holiday, learning is still on everyday. To make it a habit for my girls to learn everyday.

And school reopens tomorrow. Uhm, not physically though. Still learning online now until further notice. Starting tomorrow the two elder girls will be having three to four hours classes per day during the weekdays. They are looking forward to their online classes. Which is a good thing. Mommy still need to check on them on and off to make sure they are doing their schoolwork and passing up on time.

And another awesome good news! From my garden... Yay... I finally found a bulky flower this morning... Yes! A female flower... A pumpkin to be... I am so excited...


From another angle.


See... That bulky little bulb beneath the flower... One and only from my whole pumpkin plant!!! Hopefully my pumpkin will grow healthily and happily...

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