What will you be remembered for?

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Just yesterday, I was watching a movie named second chance, and after watching the movie I was inspired to write about this today.

Like the topic implies, "what we will be remembered for when we are gone?"

And then I asked myself, Evelyn, when you are gone and no more, what would you be remembered for, what would your family remember you for and which it wasn't you that would have died, what would your siblings, friends, close relative, and neighbors remember you for when you are gone?

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This is a simple truth many of us know but refuse to accept, this is a simple truth many of us have refused to live and abide with.

Many of us are after the positions, fame, wealth, and the rest, which of course isn't wrong but when you acquire those things, what next?

Just yesterday, I was told about the well-known man of God by the name Temitope Balogun Joshua, A.K.A, **TB **Joshua who died after holding a program at Lagos on Saturday, in his hotel room and when I got to the church I heard a few of my church members say, they can not believe the man is dead.

I don't know why he is dead and what killed him, but my focus is what he was remembered for while he was alive, the good deeds he did, and the lives that were down and he was able to restore them by putting smiles on their faces.

The millions of people he fed, gave job opportunities, put smiles on their faces, and restored their broken lives and the numerous of them that can not be counted. That is what I am talking about here.

Many people are brought your way just so you can touch their lives positively, maybe financially, or by putting smiles on their faces but because of our selfish reasons and ambition, we refuse to pay hears to these people and just try to do what we call, "I am minding my business".

I know, many of us would say that is the right thing to do and yeah, we are not wrong. It is the right thing to do in a world as bad as this, but then, we were not brought into this world to " mind just our business", we were also called to be a "blessing to other people's lives, one way or the other".

I don't know about you, but for me, I want to be able to write in the sand of times, I want my name to be written down in the sands, in the blueprint of other people's lives that won't be forgotten any time soon for my deeds.

It takes a conscious effort to do that, and it might look difficult, but a little step at a time won't hurt, by touching one soul whether you are celebrated or not today, it would tell in your tomorrow.

You see, when we one day die, the fame, positions and wealth would be given to another person who would come after you, but you know what, your name and your deeds won't and can never be given to someone else no matter how the person is a resemblance to us

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Like the adage that says, "A good name is better than all the riches". I am sure, we all understand what that means.

Hey you, yeah you, accumulate all the wealth and riches, yes, do that because it is indeed necessary but don't forget to touch lives, as many as you can that comes your way and I bet, you won't regret you did that.

I know, most times, we might feel a little discourage that those people are not appreciating us, but you do not need to feel that way, because your name has already been written.

Sadly, death isn't a respecter of anybody, it comes at the time and picks whomever he sees, the man I mentioned is just a 57years old man who died, and yeah, I would say he lived long, even when people think he died too soon.

And I would say he lived long on earth by the number of lives he jas touched and reformed while he was alive. I am not a fan of anybody, and would not want to use this medium to praise anyone but would love to say, be the reason why someone out there or perhaps a family is smiling.

Let me ask you a quick question if something happens and by chance, you need someone to help you out of such situations, are you sure, you have someone you can reach out to and you are sure of the person helping you out?

Life is not all about you alone because you are not alone in this world, if you must move forward, you need people around you.

Don't forget what the question is, "what we will be remembered for when we are gone?"*

Thank you for having time to read my blog. Your comments are greatly appreciated.


Greetings) It's amazing how your thoughts and words echo mine: https://hive.blog/hive-150329/@alekst7/what-will-you-leave-behind

Yes, a person is alive while the memory of him is still alive. And a good name is better than wealth.
Unfortunately, more often than not, people think about this already at the end of their lives, when it is already very difficult to change something..

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Thank you for this great comment and I just went through your link. Your comment is a thought-provoking word. Hmmm, many start thinking about that only at the end of their lives when it is actually an impossible task for them.

You are indeed right and thanks for dropping by, I appreciate.

this does make you reflect on things, thank you for sharing such an article!

Thank you for finding time to read through my blog