Finally, a Reason to Write Again!

in OCD11 months ago (edited)

These past few days -- over a week now -- I needed a break from all this war.

War on Steem, war on Covid-19, wars all around.

It's not like any of them ended.

But at least a tiring status quo will soon end on Steem.

A status quo during which both parties bought time. Justin Sun to find a (much bigger!) fool to sell Steemit, Inc. to, the other party supported by most of the community, devs and dapps, to work on a different chain.

Looks the like new chain is coming, very soon!

I'm almost certain you read or heard of the post of blocktrades. Another post will be written today, probably not by him, explaining the details about the new chain, the airdrop and how will the move happen. At least that's what I understood by reading one of his comments.

While I know there may be hard times ahead on the new chain called Hive -- aren't we used to them already? --, I also believe we have little evidence anything good could come out of Steem after the events which led to the current stalemate.

Nobody really wants a way forward on Steem (maybe some in the community do), all they wanted was to buy time, both Justin Sun and many of the former consensus witnesses.

Looks like the preparations for the new Hive chain were quicker than Justin Sun was able to find a bigger fool to sell the Steemit, Inc. hot potato to.


I "foresee" some legal actions from JS and Tron against Ned to recover the investment.

Nobody will wash him from the actions he took while he was the boss of Steemit, Inc. though.

As for myself, there were enough days during this forced break when I missed steeming, even if I had nothing to say.

I will go where community goes, hiving on... possibly not daily anymore. But we will see. About the frequency of writing I mean. :)

Here's to New Beginnings!


Everything has its price... I wouldn't say that other buyer, instead of JS would be a fool to buy Steemit Inc stake... I would rather say that he has been played all this like a fool... Too much ego, and rushing things...

Someone else could play that a lot more better, but... it's too late for those thoutghts...

Unfortunately, all JS saw was a way to make a quick buck. Now all he wants is a way to mark a quick loss.

You will follow the crown and test if you want to continue or not. ;)

You seem to know what I'll do. And you? :)

On both blockchains, and talk about it on a vlog.

Yeah, I've just seen your vlog, I forgot to look at "All posts". :)

It might be a good decision for you since you post on several platforms anyway.

Personally, although I am powering down for the first time since I came to Steem, I haven't decided what I'll do about my stake here. But I found it useful to have it in liquid form, just in case I need to make a quick decision about it.

What I know is that when BTH forked I sold (not for BTC) and now I regret it. It may be a wiser decision to keep both stakes, unless JS wants to burn Steem to the ground after he will have full control and reign as king.