The mind is looking for something new

in OCD6 months ago

There is no end to getting up in the morning to do this.Of course, these tasks fall under my responsibility.When everyone doesn't wake up I wake up and I have to do the housework because I'm a housewife and it's my responsibility to see and hear everything from the family cooking.

When I woke up in the morning and was cooking, I looked up at the sky from the kitchen. Some memories of the incessant rain outside are left in my window, dripping with rain water.It was as if water was falling from the window and a lot of rain water was being wiped from my mind.
How much responsibility I have today, I manage a whole family, take care of the whole family, try to understand the good and the bad of everyone. At the end of the day, I am left alone. Even though no one understands me, my darling sometimes tries to understand me.
I know why I was in a hurry to see the rain outside this morning, I remembered the day I left. The days left behind were really colorful, there were no obstacles, no responsibilities. I used to spend time just like me. The rain would occasionally wet me. Thinking and cooking all this, human life seems to be what it is, what can be left, it just stays in the mind. That can no longer be put into practice.
I don't know what else is waiting for me all day, but for the time being the morning has been spent cooking well, but I wish the whole day to be better. received_332161377778514.jpeg