The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Engage! Comment! Stir It Up!

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So we wanna talk about engagement....

And how social media blockchains don't seem to have a lot of it....Personally I see tons of it on HIVE and CTP Talk...

( Social proof here lol ->

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I truly believe, if you ENGAGE with your audience, value them and create something they VALUE....Engagement is easy!

Or you can just cause a stir and see what happens :)

Thank YOU for engaging with the Swarm! And being a part of this amazing journey on the blockchain....

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Again, great to see your energy on vid :)
The Swarm is sounding like its development will be one of the best enraging communities there is.
As a swarm is usually Hiveless the fact that this swarm has a great supportive Hive means that it will just continue to grow and grow,
And its own HIVE in essence is the CTP Token which is speading further and further afield finding homes all over the place.
The nectar that it collects is a wealth of tools to help any business grow and develop.

Good luck on your journey to 10K, it wont be long :)

Ho ho, was that "enraging" deliberate? A swarm of enragers to sting all the unengaging excusers perhaps!

Facts! lol

lol man that sounds like a story if i’ve ever heard one. that could be it’s own blog post lol

New blog post ideas are always a plus! I vaguely remember someone saying the blog post doesn't have to be "War and Peace"?

Very true :)

Almost 100 ctp tokens here. Just 19 to go 😁
It was accelerated by engaging more with the generous people of the ctp tribe. So thank you all for the upvotes.

thanks for being a part of the swarm man. awesome to have you. :)

Glad to be here

New blog post ideas are always a plus! I vaguely remember someone saying the blog post doesn't have to be "War and Peace"?

I agree, Jon's generosity, is like "AwesomeSauce" Who said that?

I meant 1000 not 100 🤣

I agree, Jon's generosity, is like "AwesomeSauce" Who said that?

Jon watched your video on 3speak, as always you are wonderful.

thanks so much for the kind words and comments :) appreciated! glad you got to watch the video.

Pretty impressive Jon to start out with zero CTP tokens and then end up with what you got, That's putting your money where your mouth is :)

Have to be a product of my product man, I know other way to do this stuff :)

Another entertaining and engaging performance. Lunchtime listening today!

I haven't bought any CTP with "out of pocket cash" ever. The first purchase was from converted Bitcoin (which came from faucets, commissions and converted SFI Rewardical Tokens)...

And right now I've got 8,700 staked CTP tokens and aiming for the big 10k in the next few weeks.

The thing is, I'm not posting content at full capacity right now due to offline commitments. But still growing my CTP Tokens every day. :)

Yeah man, little by little, it starts to snowball....I'm planning a big post tomorrow on how to passively make this stuff work for ya :)

Getting there, day by day!

It looks that our continuous blog posts about engaging and commenting finally got some momentum... @russellstockley's little giveaways helped a bit in that as everybody likes to get free stuff... :)

Also, I was complaining about the lack of content on CTPTalk and there you are... Some people reacted and started their engines!

We are on the Road to the Moon, but the first step is to fill our tanks with 10K CTP tokens!


Yeah there's a huge learning curve for our market, just to get onboard CTP Talk and HIVE...

But after they get that sorted out, they'll start seeing the power of showing up everyday....It's coming!!

Whale, King Whale, fighting, kicking, struth I am Speechless after watching this video.
Swarm On

Ha ha ha ha King Whale.....It suits you man!

Great video Jon, and it's nice to see all the engagement that is being created, the #IAmAliveChallenge has now grown to 28 participants right now, and the ebook has been downloaded 271 times, and it just got updated, plus some new graphics to promote it that is more targeted towards affiliate marketers.

And the Swarm will be intersting to see what you have cooked up, and aslo nice to see CTPtalk officially on StateOfTheDapps, lets make some noice and see how high it can go.

By the way, do join the #IAmAliveChallenge, and stay, safe, awesome and alive.

#IAmAliveChallenge join us on Discord, and check out our Hive Community.

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Thanks man, wow yeah that's very impressive.

Dude I'm just trying to juggle CTP and all the HIVE posts I do in one day lol I dunno how you guys pump out so much stuff.

You can just do what you do otherwise and repurpose by including it in the posts and videos you already make, 👍

Making a lasting friendship here does make anyone get what they deserve and financial gains follows. @jongolson :)

thanks for the comments man. yeah i agree. and it’s just the right way i think, to go about using social media. you never know who you could end up meeting on platforms like this.

I've met people who are just real friends incomparable to even most of my relatives, neighbors, and even church mates @jongolson :)

great show Jon, the swarm I think will be fun and folks will be wondering what it is all about and will have a look at CTP. Have a great week.

Yeah we've got some fun things planned for sure :) Thanks man!

Great video Jon. Nice to see you showcase a few members of The Swarm

Thank you sir. Yeah I think it's so important to do that...Gotta showcase the community and all the awesome things they are doing :)

It's such a simple thing, create and curate daily and you will be at 10k in no time. With the snowball effect of tokens coming in it will build up credibility and magic will be happening.

yeah man. and no out of pocket money needed. just show up and engage. it’s pretty awesome if you ask me :)

we are going to keep engaging to keep going

best game plan for sure :)

Exactly but people did not know

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The awesome thing about this community is everyone is rowing on the same side..Please engage with us!!
So many things you can do to earn Hive, CTP Tokens...Even use-case of the CTP Tokens! What else we can do to make the sideliners onboard??
Proud to be in this community!
You all made me grow so much and now it's my turn to help build our Swarm, honeycomb by honeycomb :)

Awesome to have you onboard :)

I think everyone grows big time when they push themselves...Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to do it as well 🔥