10 minutes ago this wasn't there...I am telling you...BUT ...it seems that Bittrex is about to list HIVE and HBD in no time.

in hive-148441 •  5 months ago  (edited)

I don't think you expected me to write a novel or something about this, right?

I've logged in to my Bittrex account half an hour ago just to see if STEEM deposits and withdrawals have been enabled again or not?

Still nothing...But you know the drill...

I keep logging in and out on the exchanges after the recent HF just in case I am among the first who'll ride a wave before STEEM price goes straight to hell...

Long story short I made one more try a couple of minutes ago and guess what....



I don't know if there is an official announcement from Bittrex team on Twitter right now, but I am expecting one shortly...

Tell me I am not dreaming plz...

Needless to say that Bittrex is a giant on the crypto world and that they never interfered to Steem's governance...

I'll update the post depending on the latest news...

Have a good one people...and dream BIG.

We are just getting started..

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It may not be a listing, just support for the air drop to start with.

At the same time, I see no reason for Bittrex not to list HIVE and HBD. Bittrex has years of experience with Steem.

And at the end of the day they make money from the trading. Adding HIVE will create very little extra work for them. My guess is that it will happen pretty fast.

Binance TM announced that they'll support the airdrop as well but no matter how much you dig in the platform...there is no HIVE...

You were right. Hive and HBD markets now on Bittrex!

And with a decent volume atm. 3.5 BTC and climbing...

Oh yes, good to see!

More than good. Awesome actually...as long as it's not simply a test or something...

Nice. Thanks bud

No problem. Happy to do my small part.

Incredible news ;)


I honestly expected them to join and help us so not really shocked. Bittrex seem like the decent guys around and this is good for their exchange and is a no brainer.

A day after the launch and this happens, Hive is going places that's for sure.

Dream Big mate...

Wish I had more (free) time, to get myself better updated about the whole move.
Nevertheless; besides some things not working smoothly yet, looking good sofar.
Take care mate.

Thanks bud. Take care too.

Hey, you'll have plenty of time to figure out how things work. Feel free to ask ya?

Just came here to say this:

This post aged well! 😃

What a good time to be here on Hive.