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So, I stumbled upon @theycallmedan's new MEME initiative to spread the word about STEEM and its great potential on other social media platforms and I have to admit that this is a pretty smart way both to spark things up a little and give reasons to those who are lurking around and have decided that remaining silent is the wisest choice they could make but also to trigger those who still know nothing about us to dig a little deeper and see with their very own eyes that when an individual becomes a member of the Steem network essentially gets the full treatment.

  • A social media platform where they can share their ideas play games and express themselves...

  • A unique way to mine and earn cryptocurrency...

  • Fast, free and safe transactions...

  • A really promising network that is about to explode...

So without further ado...

download (1).png

download (4).png

It is beyond me that there are so many crypto experts out there, pretending they know everything but when it comes to those "hot" questions about the future...about the cost...about scaling, they simply have no answer to provide...Just the good ol BTC / ETH poem...

download (3).png!

Again, someone had to pull the trigger and bring some fun back in this place. Having fun and earn some crypto is OK, or we should only write novels and 2000 word texts? We'll see...I am not suggesting that we should turn this place into a circus but hey...having fun makes one's journey a lot more pleasant...just saying...


I hope I did OK... :) Looking forward for some spicy comments.

This post will be shared on Twitter asap as part of the #promo-steem campaign and I'll also share these MEMES individually over the next 24 hours. One every 6 hours or their medical treatment ;)

Have a good one peeps.


#havefun #makesomenoise


Twitter Poshing

LOL every business owner should have that reaction when someone wants to pay in fiat. I've got a few chairs ready to go

Haha...This is the future...can you visualize it?


Interesting! Hahaha

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