When an outsider, scrolls down their Twitter feed page, or their FB page and from a random resteem / share, end up reading a top post initially uploaded on Steem, what do you think they'll do next?

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It is interesting how a random comment / reply, or even some thoughts someone shared with the rest of the community through their blog, can inspire one to create a new post sometimes. It happens to me really often. And in most cases right when I feel like I have decided that taking a day off of the platform wouldn't be much of a deal.

In this particular case what triggered me to write these lines was a post by @Acidyo who decided to ask the community members how much they have earned the past 30 days. That means author and curation rewards plus possible earnings from SE or Splinterlands...or whatever and then cross-post the results on Reddit, Quora etc.

Trust me he is a smart guy and what he wants to highlight is that there is a good chance to earn something if you show up here and by no means to spread the wrong message or imply that one can be rich and such.

Since I have literally no idea where my earnings stand regarding my SE holdings, I've decided to check my progress using Steemworld.org which provides a pretty clear picture of one's progress regarding their author / curation rewards.

And this picture just says it all...

2020-01-21 00_30_01-SteemWorld ~ @mindtrap.png

So...STEEM wise, as an author, I've earned 473 SP as and 310 "liquid" tokens aka 783 in total.

And as a curator, I've earned another 440 SP which I think is an amazing number. I was stunned by this number to be honest with you all. I often forget that through really hard work and persistence and of course my fair share of buying my account has almost reached 28K SP. That's the benefits one can enjoy as they keep growing their accounts.

And this can't be achieved unless you show up every day. Every single day.

Actually I think both these numbers are amazing. Don't get me wrong here...I am nowhere near the top earners both as an author nor as a curator, yeat I am super grateful for every single vote that lands on my posts regardless of its size and value. And obviously I don't belong there. There are some naturals out there who deserve every penny they have earned and their writings / vlogs will benefit us all...

How? Through the #posh initiative of course. Think about it...

When an outsider, scrolls down their Twitter feed page, or their FB page and from a random resteem / share, end up reading a top post initially uploaded on Steem blockchain what do you think they'll do next?

I'll tell you what they'll do. They'll start digging to see what Steem is, and to see with their very own eyes how is it possible for people to earn $$$ just by sharing their content on some "unknown" platform...

And just like that they'll decide to give it a shot...Which reminds me that this is the way I ended up being here as well.

Sharing your content on other social media platforms is way more important that you think it is.

It is the proof that there is an alternative to those shitty centralized options that people are used to.

It doesn't matter if you like to write about politics or sports or philosophy or Steem...just share it.

Have a great one peeps.
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You know, we can lament on the rise and fall of crypto and steem. About how you only make pennies a post until you do some networking and dig into the community. Even though the real reward is in the community and creating content, nobody can tell you that their Facebook account with 1100 friends is worth several hundred dollars can they?!?

Seriously steem is awesome and it is what we make it. Facebook is a database on yourself that you are building for someone else for free on their terms.

Imagine what steem will be in a year! So happy to be a part of it now.

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Facebook is a database on yourself that you are building for someone else for free on their terms.


I am a digital marketer and I know how creepy it is to target so specificly using platforms like Facebook and Google, among many others.

It is almost like cheating to be both an earlyadopter of STEEM and a 2.0 business making money on the masses with the centralized platforms. ;)

Its not flawless though. I saw an ad on Facebook for kewpie mayo the other day.
Any algorithm that truly understands me would know I'm already thinking about kewpie mayo.
I also have the wasabi and sriracha variants on constant rotation.

They know.

All the local business owners work with my marketing company to turn that thinking about into buying!

Not only that, your valued opinion turns viral as I am now about to google that to understand why I already want to buy that!

I think we are onto something here.

So happy to be a part of it now.

I am thrilled to have found an alternative mate. Couldn't realize its magic in the beginning but ow it is crystal clear...

The truth ~ told from experience!
Inspiring article!
I remember we met via SteemJet, created by @dan too...
I'm still lurking on my way up here and probably because of experimenting. Managing to post something every day (mainly actifitting these days) and my perspective about Steem is ever changing. I do believe of course. Maybe I still need to engage with the right community...
Wondering what my first #posh post would be?!
I often share in twitter and LinkedIn from here...
Persistence and higher motivation is what I miss... I guess...