I'm a #Hivepreneur. What's Your Superpower?

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Hi there,

How's it going? It's NEO here with a new NEOwear design project made especially for Hive Community. To give You more options with deliveries, prices and type of material I am using two different outsourcing companies (Based in US and UK but both can deliver internationally). I've got T-Shirts available in black/white (US,UK) and black mugs (US). We will add more types of clothing constantly.

HiveSwag is based in US with 100% Cotton and you can pay using HIVE/HBD and other Crypto:

Teemill is based in UK with 100% Organic Cotton, more NEOwear designs available and you can pay using your Card or Paypal:

You don't want to wait for delivery? There is also a "digital art" option so You can buy, print and use my designs on anything you would like. It costs $4.99 (You can pay in Crypto or PayPal, contact with me directly through my email or any social media available at https://neopch.com)

Do you like #Hivepreneur design and idea? Let me know in comments.

Thank You.
Stay Safe.



also, I will add the digital download option to the site this evening - just shoot me a message on Discord to remind me if you don't mind @neopch

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Will try my best ;-)

Slick looking designs indeed! I'm actually going to grab a mug for myself 😉

#HiveSwag @HiveSwag

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Go for it :D

Yeah I like this design, it looks really cool on that coffee mug.

I am glad You liked it :) Thank You

Great Designs 😀👍

Appreciated! :)

Thanks for sharing your design and purchase opportunity. Good luck to you.


Pleasure :) Thank You!