The Orca / Bitcoin challenge. Month three and another 2500HP

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This is part of my ongoing monthly series for the next 18 months as I try to build my account. I started off the journey from the 1st June 2020 an my full goal is to own 1 Bitcoin and 50K Hive.

This is actually my favorite post to do every month as it is a sign of the progress that can be made through daily activity and building a following on hive. I started doing these three years ago when I tried to build my first 100SP and took about three months to get there.

Luckily, times have changed and through a lot of hard work my account keeps building a lot faster at this stage after staking as much as possible to grow my account and be active daily on the chain. This allows me to run a community and to curate other posts with a meaningful vote which i love doing.

When I started this latest challenge on the 1st of June it was sitting on 20,000SP which is by no means a small amount but through sales of other investments and some handy gains from selling STEEM and BLURT I managed to make some big jumps up to 36,500SP in just three months. Not a bad result at all and it will keep going long after I have sold my other tokens as my curation rewards increase over time from staking.

Account Growth

June 2020

July 2020


August 2020


I still have a few of the other coins to sell so it will keep me growing nicely for the next month but after that it will need to be all organic.

This for me is far more important and one of the reasons that I have been trying to post daily and post to my #500wordsaday community. I have found that my engagement and rewards have increased monthly since I have been posting more regularly and it gives me a good feeling to be able to do the same for the authors posting there as well.

A lot of them get very small votes but I try to make sure that they all get a comment and a vote from myself for being active. It goes a long way to user retention when people feel like they are being seen.

This is where I try to make most of my difference to the community and by posting their content to twitter I can bring more eyes to their work and get them more active as users. We have a long way to go in building hive and something that I am passionate about from a business point of view as you can see in one of my latest posts.

I will keep pushing the narrative until we can get more money into the system but for now personal growth will play a big part.

Account Activity

June 2020


July 2020


August 2020


I am fairly happy to keep this consistent as I did slip away for a couple of the weeks last month. Life got very busy very fast and it wasn't possible to post every day for me. Most of this is from curation which is why account growth is so important and I also got back into using my @actifit to post a few times a week when i couldn't sit down to write a long post.


It all adds up over time but I will try to be more consistent for September and bring those bars up even higher. The beauty of hive is that there are many ways to interact and to earn so that you are not limited by just posting content every day to grow.


Hive Power.

hp sep.png


bitcoin sep.png

I have made one slight adjustment to my plan for attaining Orca and Bitcoin status which is a deviation away from not buying anything with fiat.

While I will still be aiming to earn all of my hive from writing or from selling other crypto. With Bitcoin I have set up a recurring buy of $50 a week on my account. I just feel that it will be a good investment over the next couple of years and want to dollar cost into it and get there faster. With the way things are going it could shoot up at any time and if i waited to hit Orca first and then started buying I might lose out at these prices. Even if it drops from here I will keep the buy going and hold for the future so I see it as a win win.

I still have a few bits to sell and a lot of @splinterlands cards to tidy up so I will aim for breaking the 40k mark this month and will also try to create a post every single day to get there. Hope your having fun growing and let me know how you are getting on. It's always a fun challenge to grow on hive and set some targets.


Great challenge to set yourself. I really want to grow my Hive account also and day by day I'm getting there. I set myself the mission in the early days to not spend any fiat on crypto but broke that rule with 100 euros into Hive just after it started. It is a nice feeling when I can give a near 10 cent upvote to someone. Good luck on your journey.

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I'm only spending fiat on bitcoin from now on, i'm investing my time into hive to grow instead. It is great to give a noticeable vote on their posts and make a difference to them. That and the fact that I do think we will grow over the next few years. I think that if we keep building at this rate then 25c HIVE will seem like a great bargain. All it takes is one good app to really bump up the numbers and the price.

It's nice to have goals and targets. I've been doing it since day one and it really keeps me active when i get a bit lazy about it.

Another good month, many congratulations!

Thanks man. Great to keep growing and looking forward to developments over the next year. Like yourself I just keep posting and see how it goes.

Powering up these amounts of HIVE make your Orca goal tiny.. :) You will get there before the end of the year :)

It's going a lot faster than I expected to be fair. I was sitting on 20k in june so though powering up 2 thousand a month would be good going over the time period. I've found a few pieces to sell and the steem gave a big jump.

Now all i need to do is keep posting and engaging. Being more active has definitely helped me and gotten me some new followers.


It's what we do.

Power up every month and keep growing. I'm liking what I have seen over the past couple of months and have a lot of hope for the future.

What are these ancient SP you talk about? :P

That's Super hive power. It's what you get after a certain level and there should be a badge as well to go with it.

Hahaha, good save ;)

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Keep it pumping my friend 😁👍

Thanks. It's always fun to grow. 💪

I wish I could do the same :/ Not possible as of my life status :(

Not at the moment but you can get started at any time. My first six months were all about trying to get 100 hive power and it was very slow going. This is after three years of constant blogging, gaming, hustling, buying and hard work. It didn't happen overnight.

The good news on hive is that anybody can earn. Become a part of a community. Engage with people. Buy if you can. Be consistent and you will start growing. It isn't easy but that is why i create the challenges for myself to keep going.