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Good morning/evening good people of the blockchain

I have been doing some tasks offline for the past couple of days and honestly, it was making my time-limited online. Not that I am saying my way of living is solely coming from online but a fair share is indeed coming from here and most importantly I like giving my time in here and the feedback that I get from here is a phenomenon and probably the most effective changes in my life which really made some significant impact on my daily activities.


The reason I stated the above facts are pretty simple :

I always wanted a profession that would let me be free and do what I want, however, I want! But under the given circumstances in my life none of those were possible and I had to choose the usual way of 9-5 jobs and somehow I managed to be on that side for such a long time. But within myself, there was probably a spark that really poked me to chase what I always wanted. Honestly, at some point it felt like this life of 9-5 would be a permanent one for me but situations change for everybody and I made a choice, and here I am after so many months and years sharing my thoughts with you all.

  • GOAL I am not sure, how shall I explain it! I have a plan, which may or may not work out for myself but I am giving my best to make sure this works for me in every possible way and this dedication or the support that I am giving to myself will probably someday, take me to my goal. This could be the easiest way I could explain the term Goal.

But on the other hand, if I keep on dreaming with my eyes opened and do not give any sort of effort for the tasks that I am good at, I am not sure how will I even reach the Goal of my life. Even so, after this so-called effort (which are close to nothing) I am complaining about almost everything that is happening to my life, how is it going to solve the existing problems of mine? Lots of if's and But's works for us. You just need to find the right door at the right time.

Made up Excuses

Nothing can really stop you from obtaining what you really seek! You are your own boss and all the excuses that you give to yourself, those are made up of facts by yourself. It is either you do it or not! As simple as that. Find your inner self before it is too late. Work on your expertise and move forward! let's meet at the top! Cheers!

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Great post! I agree with you that excuses are what holds everyone back. It's totally up to you what you will or you wont do and making excuses is just a reason for your failure. I always try to make excuses on why I need to take action and not be lazy.

There's a slight typo on your comment I suppose. But honestly, the prime thing is,m you got what I was intending to deliver and this laziness is a huge disadvantage for us all, better not be a fan of it, instead, get rid of ASAP!! Keep up the good effort going!!