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Hello Splinterlands family

Another season has ended. This time it was quite a phenomenon for me. Honestly, playing Splinterlands was very much addictive and still, that addiction has not passed away. Yet, it is increasing as days are passing by. While talking about that, the previous season was somehow different for me. I never really expected to get this far on Splinterlands. Because it requires quite a lot of investments if you are aiming to reach higher leagues in the game. But let me share why am I excited about the last season.


For the first time ever I reached CHAMPION 1 in my splinterlands play. I am not sure how to really say it, but it sure is one of the best feelings while you are playing. As I am not playing that much just the usual quests of every day but the rush that you get within yourself as soon as the season ends comes closer that is quite epic. Even though most of the season rewards do not holds any significant rewards most of the time but yet that feeling is indeed awesome.


Talking about rewards. this season seems like a nice one for me. Since I reached C1 I was awarded with 150 loot chests. As I said, I was not really that much excited about it but that butterfly effect in the tummy was too much to resist to open the season rewards as soon as it ended. Here are the cards that I received :






The summary of the rewards comes to this :

  • Three common Gold Foil : Sand Worm, Nectar Queen , Barking Spider
  • Two Untamed Packs
  • Decs : 1 loot consisted 2500 DEC
  • and a lot of potions for good luck

According to peakmonsters explorer Cards Total Value: $ 2.608 Cards Burn Value: 2,980 DEC :

Another fun fact:

One of the user of Splinterlands (a friend of mine) shared an SS of a dec reward from his account (shared account), and I was literally in shock to see that screenshot. Let me share that. Yeah, I know it is indeed insane! But either way congrats to @mango-juice and the owner of the account. This season was indeed awesome for you ;)

Nowadays without playing a tournament in Splinterlands it is not that effective to get the returns. Since SL introduced anytime tournament. It has been quite effective for many users be a part of that journey as timing is not really an issue right now. While apart from all this, what were your rewards this season? Were you satisfied with them ? and what are you going to implement next this season? Let me know.

All the images are taken from either splinterlands or peakmonsters


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For me, last season was also successful. I got to Champion II for the first time, while my previous maximum was Gold I. Congratulations on reaching Champion I.

Hope you get to C1 this time. And of course, get a GFL perhaps in the season end reward : )

Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

Well, I am still getting goosebumps after seeing it here. LOL. And yes, you are very right about any times tournaments. Many of the players could not play all the tournaments before at live time but now we can play all the tournaments anytime.
Your post is Very nicely written Rehan and I also liked your thumbnail. Keep writing awesome stuff! 🙂