What if, Google services went down?

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Have you ever considered what would you do if Google stopped it services for public? Panic, chaos would eventually pile up for its everyday users. Yep, nowadays we somehow rely on services like Youtube, Gmail and other google services for our everyday tasks. If we can not access those, I can understand how difficult it would be for people like us, to cope up with this particular situation.

It did happened yesterday by the way. Google reported some sort of issue with their internal storage, which resulted in users to experience issues to access their gmail, Youtube and other services regarding to it. Which was indeed a big deal to be honest!


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Today, at 3.47AM PT Google experienced an authentication system outage for approximately 45 minutes due to an internal storage quota issue. Source

Can you imagine, when you can not access your gmail/g.drive account, where you have stored some important documents/information and as of now if it displays there is an error. What would be your first reaction? I would really panic. In fact I might go crazy and the first thought that would come to my mind would be, if I was hacked or not lol.

One of my main concern would be with the exchange issue. How, you ask? Basically almost every exchange that I am used to, they deliver a verification message to email, whenever a withdrawal/deposit of crypto is made. So every time I do a transaction, it would require that verification. Now that I am doing it more often, it would be one of the most significant part which would affect me very much.

Without Youtube, it would be kind of difficult to pass the free time at hand. In fact my usual free time relies on mostly on Youtube. Yep, all this period of corona I was actually able to pass the time because of this pastimes. Nevertheless, I was out of house when all this happened and I kind of missed the show. So whatever I might say, may not relate to my actual feelings. So there it is! But I can actually imagine how it would really affect my everyday activities, if google would really go down for good.

But yeah, no one rules forever! There will be technology available to us in near future where the services might be even better than google. Until then, Google shall rule the a big portion of the world of internet ;)

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Really, Google governs much of the Internet world, all its services are used daily, if Google ceases to exist I do not know what I would do, we can migrate to other services but I think we have much preference for Google, do not you think?

Currently, like many other people, also rely on some google services a lot. But yeah soon we will see competition of it. Until then lets make the best use of google!


I'd say Youtube would be the biggest lost for a vast majority :)