Demystifying HIVE: So.. you want a Big Vote?

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Demystifying HIVE is a series of bite-sized posts targeted to new Hivians and for people outside of the HIVE blockchain.

The purpose is to try and break down the many complexities of the HIVE blockchain, its acronyms, and the current facts and falsehoods associated with it.


I say ‘current’ because within 6 months some of the things I say may well no longer be relevant. It is an evolving experiment, and little remains static.

It's little wonder that the retention rate is abysmal given the huge learning curve a new person needs to endure. Without some guidance, most give up quite soon deeming it bewildering and over-complicated.


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Another 30 minutes of curation just went by and I found ONE post worthy of a @curie.

Today yielded meagre pickings; foreign language posts, crypto articles, your typical newbie article: ’the 10 best ways to break your legs while jumping out of a plane without a parachute', and then there are the old statistic posts that send me to sleep.

During the third world war, 3 billion people were killed, 2 billion dogs were gassed in chambers blah blah blah.

We all know what happened in WW3, or was it WW2? I hope you get the picture. This kind of boring bullshit can be found anywhere on the internet, so we don't need more of it here.

Before you have a go at me for ignoring posts in other languages, shut the fuck up and listen!

I speak English, I read English. I don’t understand other languages, so if I don’t give you a vote for your Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Klingon, Ferrengi, Mandarin, or German post that's why.

--= No comprehendi =--

So feel free to post in those languages but trust me, if you want the attention use English. That’s my big tip for today.


...'congratulations to @threeleggedbunny who today got a 100% vote from me followed by a @curie, the ONLY worthy pick so far'...

I use a modified script provided by @abh12345 utilising HIVE-SQL to find underappreciated authors, of low reputation, who get low rewards and put the effort in.

Without disclosing my criteria I believe I am not the only one who uses similar 'devious tactics'.

Let's get to the meat of all this, and if you are a vegetarian, the Quorn.


...'too foreign or political for me. Write as you will, I wont give votes to this kind of content'...

HIVE is gaining value (or was until a few days ago), and I see a few new people arriving. Some of them use tags such as #GEMS, #OCD, #CURANGEL, and ever so rarely #CURIE.

Does a real new person to HIVE know about such deliberate tagging to gain attention?

While I won’t completely disregard a great post with any of these tags from an author who created their account yesterday, it raises my alarm bells.

…'if you came here to try and farm, then you had better leave. Most curators know all the tricks, so don't try and fool us'…

If I find something that looks good, then it had better be written in English, written with originality, not about crypto, not about politics, and it had better teach me something or make me laugh.

This is MY criteria, not everyone else’s. There is no wonderful formula for getting big votes and all those other curators will have their own little likes and dislikes.


...'no disrespect but this one currently sitting at 2c got passed over as it appears to factual. Maybe it's just me, but if there's even a 1% chance it's been lifted off the internet, then I get instant brewers droop'...

Does the finger hover over the vote button and click or is it a case of NEXT one?

Occasionally I check the account. Are they on constant power-down, do they sit back and wait for the votes, do they interact with others, do they vote for others?

Has this person been getting constant large votes, how often do they post, do they self-vote, do they continually get ignored?

Has this person ever bought any HIVE? It's not a criteria but I always look and see what the author's voting power is like. A new account that has invested is a massive bonus.

It's not all about take, take, take..., remember that.


'@jontv seems to put effort into his images, but are they his own images? Great presentation, but little in the way of narrative made my finger miss the upvote button again'...

You can’t run, you can’t hide as everything is public and anyone can see the your behavior.

All this takes TIME which is a very limited and valuable resource for me. If you want my vote, then it needs to be deserved.

So to recap, this is what I look for

  • Longer content
  • Your own photography
  • I want to learn something
  • I also want to laugh
  • No ripping off anything from anywhere else
  • Cite anything if you do need to use others' content
  • No blurry images
  • Content that is spelled correctly (use Grammarly, it's free!)
  • Posts that are undervalued in terms of rewards
  • No beggars, don't hassle me on Discord for support, it happens.
  • I want to stay awake while reading and not be bored to death

Quite simple really. So why are today's offerings outside of my criteria and my voting power is over 90%?

As well as dishing out curation, I ALWAYS give a worthy post my own substantial vote, followed by a @curie. I will look again in a few hours so you lot had better buck up.


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Drooling Maniac.JPG

If you found this article so invigorating that you are now a positively googly-eyed, drooling lunatic with dripping saliva or even if you liked it just a bit, then please upvote, comment, rehive, engage me or all of these things.


Poor Chops! Curation is difficult I find especially looking outside the normal tags it can grt a bit daunting even. Kudos for still putting in the work for the search!

I guess a lot of the new people arent realizing yet that the Quick buck will not work here anymore and it all takes a bit to get there. No rocketscience. A decent post really doesnt have to be that hard to make

I will have a look in a few hours. It's a ritual thing and I keep a certain amount of my VP open for these posts.

If we want this thing to grow, then I don't want it to be like it was for us... one $0.00 post after another. I think those dire times are now behind us.

I think those dire times are now behind us.

I hope they are at least, because then the wrong reasons come on walking in again. A good post is a good post, a bit of personal in there, a bit of info, and a bit of coolness. Indeed, the 0.0 posts were disheartening but do separate the people who are dedicated to grind their way in there

Hahaha for someone who has built a reputation over the years, its logical to have your bars lifted up to some certain expectations, I mean, I for one I often look for people who wants to build, take little but put more into the system to reward others as well. I love engagement too, that makes everywhere sort of bubbly and then inadvertently the intent of a person matters, farming is what I think a few newbies want to do.

I was shit at writing when I started, I will freely admit it. It is something you can learn to improve on with practice. If a skilled writer arrives on HIVE, they will perk my interest. That is how it is.

I think each and everyday, we're improving and developing when it comes to contenting, I was way worse when I started out too, the most important thing is to have the growth mentality.

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Dude, I really miss traveling which was kind of my thing on here. I am looking forward to getting the vaccine so I can feel safe going out again. @afturner just got her first one! Still trying to get an apt myself.

Looking forward to going out at making some new memories and taking some new photos for posts. I wonder how many people on here are struggling to come up with good content in the covid days. I know I have posted a few of those dull crypto posts you speak of, sadly.

To be honest though, when I look outside I hardly anyone else taking precautions anymore, so perhaps I am alone in this...

I don't think crypto posts are dull.. far from it, but they have always been outside the category of @curie so would not attract a vote. It's the (WW3) factual stuff I made an example of that springs from the fingertips of newbies often.

@afturner is doing great. My second ever post was one of those '10 best songs' things.., I got $0.00.. the memories.. haha! !WINE

Lol.. my intro post got like 2 cents or something. Took me hours to put together because I was super self conscious about writing a blog.

Yeah, I was surprised Amanda got that massive upvote on her first post. I had to explain to her that it was unusual. She is so frigging busy it is hard for her to make the time to write longer posts, but I am glad that she has finally joined at least.

I hate posts that use those random ass community tags as their first, and sometimes only, tags.

Like ffs, if I were to find anything on the internet, I wouldn’t be typing #gems or #ocd, or even #curie in my search bar.

The fact that they seem to be many people’s first 3 tags is ridiculous.

Yeah, I am on a mission to dissuade such behaviour. There is no need for it, and it deters votes if anything. I used #curie once a long time ago when I was just a wee lad and was severely reprimanded by another @curie curator for such a terrible act!

I can't promise anything myself haha, but you are very methodical and orderly with your curation. I can completely agree with your requirements, finding good content is hard and when money is involved, everyone has to be on edge.

If I'm honest, I have troubles finding new tags that relate more to my content. This in effect causes me to use OCD and Gems often, I will definitely have to watch this more.

As always, amazing and thorough post. Keep it up man!

It sounds to me like you are doing curation as it should be. Do we have others looking for other languages? I don't think everyone should be forced to use English if they have an audience in their language. Maybe peakd could add a 'Translate' button.

Just saw this post that overlaps with yours.

I just hope there are curators covering all types of content as we need a good spread of interests. Maybe one day we will see a trending page that is not largely about Hive and other crypto.

Most browsers have some sort of add-on that could help you translate.

How good they are is another story.

Google translate does it pretty well. Should be possible to have a button on a page that sends the text to their site. I have used the extension a fair bit. Came in handy for checking out some dodgy posts here.


Hey @enforcer48, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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Trending is so much better than 2-3 years ago, no bots for one!

I agree that a lot of content here isn't really that good. Too many people are posting just so they can get upvote cash. I have a little trail attatched to me so I could do that and if I did, I'd probably make a but of money, but I'm a perfectionist, so I want to post stuff that you'd actually want to read.

My main method of Hive profiting is actually dCity.

I'm getting out of dCity, I don't find it profitable at all now compared to 6 months ago.

Do you want to sell me any dcity cards in bulk?

Ah, the new users who magically know what communities to post in and tag. I blummin hate them!

It could be that they are getting primed from their mates on what to do, and how to do it, or it could be some kind of farm starting up.

Either way, I am a suspicious bastard lately, and anything untoward is like taking your driving test and getting those accumulated negative points. Too many and you fail! !WINE

I think it is mostly people who have gotten the attention of the big accounts on the communities setting up alts to reap more benefits. and in some cases graduating to farms yeah. Swines.

I am very suspicious too. I noticed a lot are getting better with their image stealing and cropping it and the like to get by the google image search

!WINE back atcha!

That damn Wine dried up again, haven't we been here before.. like Deja-Vu? !BEER.

It is unlike one bot to be flaky and the other to work. How bizarre?

Maybe they haven't been paying their bills :OD

They are independently maintained, I know @detlev has his own !BEER server/service somewhere in a cellar surrounded with many casks of beer.

To be correct - Belgian !BEER

If there is any help needed - ask me on Discord or by email

Oh yeah, thats rigt cos the guy that does the DUCAT one runs his from an old android phone!

Hey @slobberchops, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @meesterboom, here is a little bit of BEER from @slobberchops for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you for this opportunity.
This is my 1st month in Hive.

Here is one of my articles that I'd like you to read not for the curation itself, but for the content. Maybe you won't agree with some ideas, maybe you want something more practical, juicy or tasty...BUT I'm sending you the link hoping that article will help you somehow.


TBH, it's not content that I would generally read, but I can see the value in it. You will do OK in the #naturalmedicine community, its a decent one.

Curation is not easy and the time I did it... don't think I'd take it on again hehe
Kudos to you for scouring the Hivesphere and doing the necessary ...:D

There are tools (once again) to make it easier. We all have our criteria, and mine could be different than those of others.

Not sure how these tools work but still ... ;D

Lol curating is a thankless job so I leave that to better men and women! I’m just here to shit post and show people who read my blog how financially illiterate I am lol

Hehe, I do read your stuff and find it interesting.. Illiterate or not! !WINE


I'm going to focus on the things you said and all the points are clear but I don't understand one: "Have you bought HIVE? Not everything is taking off the platform?

I have not bought HIVE, in any case because I do not earn much, but when I improve I want to understand how that helps me. and excuse my ignorance

Within a week I bought some HIVE with 'real money'. I felt guilty that these stakeholders were giving me votes (and rewards), whereas I was giving nothing back. That's just me.

Thank You for your tips! I've had a 'voting dilemma' lately. Sometimes it feels crazy how upvotes come or not, without being sure of any criteria at all. Anyway, I think that with ambition, implication/ strategy, passion, and good content a newbie can start his way.

Sometimes there is little criteria, your crappy post can get a big vote, and your massive post less. Generally, there is a trend that longer content will get more. That's just the way it is. !WINE

I am pretty sure I tag wrong — a lot. I got one of my largest ocd awards for a post awhile back and in their post they cite the community tagged. Apparently, my painting was good enough to receive the award; however, there was a blank beside my handle for the community I was tagging.

Usually I just tag “journal” “blog” “life” because my posts are a mix of my thought (and it gets wild) — and it seems not a lot of what I do fits into a box.

I’ve tagged GEMs and OCD; however, I’ve been realising perhaps I should not be doing this?

The real problem is I don’t know where my shit fits!

Anyways, this was helpful for me. I am sure I’ll figure it out one day.

Someone recommended you to me as a follow months ago. You pour your heart into your writing, and its extremely personal. That's why you get curated often. If you want a community to use, I would chose OCD.

You don't need to use those tags to be seen by now, but use #palnet, #neoxian and #archon on ALL your posts. This is something I plan to cover in a later 'Demystifying' post in more detail.

Uh, this means so much. I am so happy to hear someone enjoyed my work enough to pass it on as a personal suggestion. This made my day.

Thank you — this is super helpful. My question about ocd was I thought you have to post EVERY DAY in order to use that tag. So I’ve been hesitant to use it often. Is that true?

Okay and I will stay tuned for that post. I’ll start using those tags as well. I’ve been lost at times where to place it.

There are no daily requirements to use OCD, I use it when I can't fit my content elsewhere.

Sometimes it's hard to commit to a big post with a lot of value out of fear that possibly nobody will see it anyway... but your info here is a good reminder to me that the best way to get going on Hive is to post quality content and be patient. I've already been amazed at the results of my first few posts anyway.

I see you have had a $0.00 post, welcome to boot camp! If you think my posts get a lot.., well look at this one. Check the author, date and reward.

Yeah, I guess we all have to start somewhere :-) thanks

Yeah, I agree with you. English is not my native language but when I'm posting I tried to do that grammatically correct. Also, I vote manually ... but ... anyway my vote is not big, and as the price of Hive falls, my vote is even smaller 😎

Wait, so are you saying that I shouldn't be begging you for a big upvote on my next post that's going to be in Klingon and titled 'The Ten Worst Starships Named Enterprise"?

Erm.. probably not. :)

Hi @slobberchops ! Whew, I was elated to be mentioned by you. And a 100% upvote is quite a privelege for a newbie like me. Thanks for the great advice, will put that in mind.
This makes me enthusiastic to write quality posts worthy of your attention. And yes, hope to write something that will make you laugh. 😅. Or else you can hit me in the head. Thanks I'm thousand miles away, or it will happen. 😁

You are doing well, keep it up.. you will get noticed!

Wow great work man!!! I like people who are real and exciting. It’s good you spoke your mind.

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I also want to thank you for this. I can grow my crypto this way.

I like your line of thought in choosing people who you upvote 100%. I’m also a new blogger and writer and I hope maybe one day I can write a content worthy of your 100% vote. For now let’s be friends cause I like your contents.

There may be no EOS left by now, I should probably remove that one from my footer. Rising Star is great, but you ties to a desk all day to get the most benefits from it, which currently suits me.

I've got one today you can nominate. It will be good I promise. Lots of original photos and all that cool stuff! Another nice addition to your series for starters. I will be reblogging this one as well!

Thanks, I need to do more of these posts. Just being lazy again and the UX content is more interesting to write. !WINE

I totally understand that! My worker have found your past posts really helpful!

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Hey, just stumbled upon your little series here.

I'm in my 4th month now and in the beginning it was a lot of try and error. Just a throw in with the tags, I used the ones mentioned because I saw them in other posts. I had no clue until lately what they really were or what they are actually doing, I always thought it was about my post showing up in all the communities while posting in a specific one...a little lol here

Maybe that is why newbies use them, they keep an eye on other posts and see them being used.

I stoped though, better late than never lolsometimes it takes a while for an information to hit the right parts in ones brain ;)

So, now you know and I added my mustard since you don't like reading other languages I translated this German saying generously

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thanks for this piece. I think it is high time people changed their orientation about Hive. The truth is many people are only here because of the up-vote, they create as many account as possible, however getting up-vote is not a bad idea but one must also give back to the community.

Great little article for some insight into how at least some of the folks here do their curation. Thanks!