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No! There were all intentional.
From the moment I buried my face in my phone, to the point I increased the volume of my music, and even to the awkward movement.
I do this almost every day as long as I take this route.
You can't tell me I was blind or that I couldn't notice how handsome and cute Jasper was.
I don't know what it was but I wasn't crushing on him.
It just happened one morning when I was passing to school, I met Jasper on my way.
He was heading in my direction, normally I don't give a damn about whoever is coming towards my direction or even passing by so far I am with my cell phone.
But something made me raise my head to the sight of the handsome lad before me.
I was dumbfounded but I managed to maintain my balance and walked past him.
I was literally thinking about the handsome dude till I got to school that particular day.

Snap out of it Diana, what have you been thinking of the whole day? I am sure you haven't even been paying attention in class today.
Tell me, are you thinking about the lectures we have later with Mr. Johnson? I am sure you have his papers ready cause I wouldn't want you to be the scapegoat in class today.

Yes sure Kate, I have them with me. I wasn't really thinking about the lectures neither was I worried about Nr. Johnson. It's just that... Well, never mind.

I picked on my mind, now it's playing games on me. Why did I have to bump into Jasper?
Now I have to pretend every time to be listening to music whenever I use that route.
Now I feel even more awkward keeping my face buried in my cell phone every time I walk past him.
What do I do? This is awkward!