How to get free Tron (TRX)

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Steemit has been bought by Tron, by now everybody knows that already. During the first hours after the announcement a shockwave of fear run through the steem ecosystem probably because the announcement was rather clumsy in choosing its words and also because so many things were not clear.

I honestly don't believe that Justin Sun would buy a company to kill it later on... You buy a company because you believe that it allows you to grow and you will do everything possible to increase the assets of this company. The assets of steem and steemit are not the code, nor the name or the logos, the main assets of steem and steemit are the people who live on this blockchain. If Justin Sun wants to increase the value of his investment, he will do everything possible to please us. Everything else doesn't make economical sense.

Instead of panicking and selling my steem, I actually took advantage to discover tron and I believe that tron has a lot of things to offer that can be real added value for the steem community as well. While discovering the tron blockchain I realised that in order to use it, you need tron (trx).

Why you will need tron when using the tron blockchain?

To use the tron blockchain you will need brandwith and energy otherwise you will have to pay for every transaction that you make. In order to get brandwith and energy you need to freeze tron tokens (trx). The more tokens you freeze, the more transactions you can perform on the blockchain for free. Since tron will probably develop as a sister blockchain to steem in the future, it might be a good idea to start building up an account that allows you to make free transactions. Freezing your tokens is like powering up with steem. They are blocked for 3 days at least. Freezing tokens also allows you to vote for a representant on the blockchain and your vote might even generate passive income...

What websites give away free tron?

If you don't have any spare coins to buy tron or if you simply don't want to invest in tron, there is the possiblity to get coins for free to build your account. I've built a list with websites that offer you tron for free.

These websites offer tron (TRX) for free

faucet crypto.pngFaucet Crypto
Faucet, PTC, Shortlinks, Offers, Achievments
Collect coins and withdraw them as Tron
es faucet.pngES Faucet
Faucet in 13 currencies, PTC, Videos, Offers, Bonuses, Exchange, Miner
Claim unlimited coins and exchange them on the website into tron
fire faucet.pngFire Faucet
Daily claim, Faucet, Autofaucet, Shortlinks, Offers, Bonuses, Exchange
Collect claim points and exchange them into tron
Faucet, Autofaucet, Miner, PTC, Offerwalls, Exchange
Collect coins and exchange them into tron

An open mind is worth gold

Yesterday during the AMA of Justin and Ned I was amazed at what was going on in the chat linked to the dlive transmission. Some comments were at least inappropriate and I believe that the steem community didn't show herself in the best light. I believe that change is always a challenge but it can also be an opportunity. However it is only when we face change with an open mind that we might transform it into something positive...

The best websites to get free BTC

480 websites that give away crypto for free

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My regards, brother @achim03.

I agree with you, I have repeated several times: "Nobody buys a castle to demolish it."

I think this sale of Steemit.Inc will be a growth opportunity for everyone. The love we feel for the blockchain may feel violated now, but we still have to wait for substantial changes to be presented in order to give a stronger opinion.

Thanks for these Faucet.

I have tried to register in Tron but I do not succeed. Can you give me some tips on how to do it, please?

Hi my friend, Thanks a lot for your comment:

Here a short tutorial how to start tron

  1. Download extension for chrome or brave

  2. Open Tronlink in Browser and create a password, enter it twice

  3. In Tronlink you will have now a button where you can create your account

  4. You will need to define a name and then download the seed phrase

  5. You have to reenter the seed phrase and then you will have created your account and you will also get a Trx address.

  6. Next step is to send TRX to this address so that you can freeze it... I will probably write a post soon how to do all this :-)

Thank you very much, dear friend.
I´ll try it

I don't really know much about TRON, but I guess I will have to study a bit, so I see I will need Tron coins to be able to interact with that blockchain and these sites you give can help me get started.

Thanks a lot for your comment. I think it doesn't hurt to get curious and check out what tron has to offer ;-)

Well, after all, they are here and you have to see what will happen. For now, what I have read suggests that in the short term there would be no changes, but since I believe that this blockchain is a long-term commitment, I am looking forward to continuing to review the news that comes out.

I think there is a lot of assuming and guessing at the moment. You are right they are here to stay and I believe this doesn't have to be a bad thing. It's certainly exciting times that lay ahead of us ;-)

@achim03, In my opinion Lack Of Professionalism and most importantly Lack Of Understanding reflected in the Announcement Posts and Tweets. When something like Acquisition Announcement Posts are missing the Foundations then we cannot expect much sensible Questions by users who were thinking that we are facing the Hostile Takeover.

I agree with you, Choice Of Words really communicated very Hostile message. But let's hope for the best and stay blessed.

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Thanks a lot for your comment.

I agree with you, Choice Of Words really communicated very Hostile message. But let's hope for the best and stay blessed.

I believe that is the best attitude to take...

Yes. And welcome. 🙂

Actually, Justin Sun's tweet after acquisition got the room on fire but when he was talking in the AMA with Ned Scott, he sounded differently. There are possibilities that he might have had a serious talk with his team after seeing the blows on steemit through post which made them rethink.

When I saw during the AMA how justin manages to mix up stuff... I hope that the team behind him has a more precise approche. What I felt was that they have no gameplan prepared. They just wanted to buy it and start from there. When I see what he made with other companies that he acquired like Polinex, Bittorent or Dlive, I have the feeling that the projects have remained the sames in the core. Why should it be different with Steemit...

Thanks a lot for your comment!

You are absolutely right, there have been no changes in the projects he bought in the past. I guess he is just trying to build a number of assets for himself with no cool plan ahead. He needs a very good team to help him map out a plan.

@tipu curate

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Thanks for the tipu tip ;-)