Making video content is much easier than you think

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I've watched a great post by @flaxz and it gave me the idea to make do this post.

When it comes to create content we actually have a multitude of options in what form we want to do it. To present your content as a video is getting more and more popular. Researchers that evaluate the behavior of internet users, claim that videos are much more likely to be watched than a post to be read.

Users spend up to 88% more time on websites with videos

When I speak with people about video creation, they often bring up some excuses why they can't do videos. They don't want to show their face, they don't have the good camera, the good mike or the good editing tools...

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Watch the video on Lbry

In the end these are only excuses because if you really want to do videos there are resources out there that allow you to do everything without any investments. You don't even need to show your face if you don't want to. You actually don't even need a camera....

The tools I'm using

To create my videos I use the screen recording software OBS. This is an open source software that can be downloaded and used for free. It allows you to create several scenes and you can include almost anything you want into your videos (intros, pics, webcam, titles, screen capture,...).

I often combine OBS with the open office software impress. Impress is a kind of powerpoint clone that is however totally free to use. You can create nice presentations and then register them with OBS. Since you can speak over your recording you can create your videos in one single work step.

This allows me to create videos without post editing (I don't like editing ;-) ). If you want to cut or edit your movie, I suggest you use the open source software Kdenlive. There are no water marks, no limitations and you can do almost anything that you could achieve with a commercial software.

For the thumbnails of my videos I use the online software canva that can be used for free.

In order to make your videos, you only need your computer, a cheap mike and there you go. You can start by making tutorials while recording what you do on your computer. You can then go up to the next step and make animated presentations and record them.

Making videos can be a nice alternative for writing posts. A lot of people can express themselves better while talking than while writing.

If you feel comfortable to see your own face on camera, the next step is to use either your webcam or your phone to make your videos. Whatever you do is not that important. Try to make your first video. It will probably not the best that you will ever make but you will start the learning process and with every video you will get better...

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Great post and video Achim, and that is a really nice collection of tools for deskop video making, thanks a lot for the mention, as to my own videos I make them all on my phone, and edit them to add things after filming myself, I do not do very much screenrecording though, but if I want it then it's built into the phone itself just next to the screenshot button, have an awesome day.

Thanks a lot for your comment Erik. I'm a bit an oldie when it comes to technology. I need a big screen, a mouse and a keybord to work properly. It's great that you manage to do everything on your phone and your videos look great.

Yes, people are more likely to watch videos than posts. Anyway, I read your post. ;)
What you said in this post, that's practical. To make videos, you don't need to show face if you don't want to. I make videos without showing my face. I'm super happy to see people's responses and feedback.

You shared useful resources here. Thank you so much @achim03 for making this post.

Anyway, I read your post. ;)
Hope you saw that there is also a video in this post ;-)

I made a ton of videos without showing my face using OBS and you can do a lot of things like that. About a month ago, @ph1102 motivated me to try to do videos showing my face and I quite like it. I had a lot of inhibitions first but now I find it's quite enjoyable to do them ;-)

Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your comment!

I was to do the other way round showing my face in the videos I used to make and from there I graduated to videos without my face.
You are doing a good job with the videos. The face makes them even better because your genuineness, positivity and the body language comes across.
I have noticed my self coming back to your post more than once , sometimes even several times and leaving multiple comments.
The idea is not to spam your posts in anyway. It is just that I am finding something or the other that is relevant to my search and I end up posting a fresh comment.
By the way do you reply on comments on your older posts as well? I find some interesting stuff there as well.
Take care @achim

Thanks a lot for your kind feed-back. I had some inhibitions showing my face at first but now that I started to do it this way, I quite like it because the videos have much more life like that, I believe...

By the way do you reply on comments on your older posts as well? I find some interesting stuff there as well.

When people leave comments, I always try to answer even if the posts are a bit older ;-)

I am completely opposite.

  1. I have good reading speed and I process text content much faster. On video I have to watch till the video ends. It consume much more time.

  2. I feel video has less content but more of expression and pauses. In text form I can get the same info in just 1/3 time of the video time.

I know whole world think in other direction.

That's what it makes more interesting. When you make content, don't create friction, meaning, if your audience loves to read, make content in written format. And a lot of people love videos. So you also make videos.

Your content can be in written words, videos, and audio. People can choose what they want and you are available there. Thank you so much @saachi for your comment. I appreciate that!

This make sense, give choices to user according to their taste.

Hi @saachi,

I totally agree with you, not everybody likes to watch videos but In my opinion a big majority of people prefer to watch a video simply because it takes less effort than to read text. I have a little trick how to save time while watching videos. I often put the recording to speed 1.25 or 1.5 while watching, like that I can save some time and there are less blanks ;-)

Great list of tools. I do appreciate OBS, it's a great tool for livestreaming and recording.

OBS is really an amazing tool. I've been using it for several years but I believe that I still don't use it's full potential. Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your comment!

Great post as always, Achim! Thanks for sharing these awesome tools for video creation... I am already using some of those, but I will try that KdenLive... :)

I forgot if you are a Linux user or not, but if you need some really easy software for screen recording, I'm using SimpleScreenRecorder ( It's incredibly easy to use, and have some nice options... I'm using it for my Splinterlands videos, and it works great!

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I'm a windows guy who uses open source programs ;-). I'm not savy enough with computers to go over to linux... lol... OBS is a great tool but simplescreenrecorder seems to provide very similar features.

I've been using kdenlive for a short time but I quite like it. I needed some time to find out how it works but I can do most of the things that commercial tools can do.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your comment!

Both contents format are for a different audience.

You are right about that but it's also true in respect to authors. Some people can find it very difficult to write posts but they quite easily express themselves while talking into a microphone...

This is great advice and you are totally right it is just excuses that people make for not creating videos. You give good examples of tools that anyone can use for free and I know there are others free tools out there, so cost is not the problem. It's just a matter of either the confidence or not being lazy to get everyone making videos.

I believe that it requires more will power to make videos compared with writing blogs. With videos there may be your voice and even your head on it. It is much more personal and it can represent an additional load of inhibitions. It's already a good thing that there are no technical limitations :-)

Great post. thank you for sharing your knowledge. I had never heard of Kdenlive but I will be checking it out. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for your comment. These open source softwares are often much less visible than the commercial ones for obvious reasons but it's worth taking some time and searching them. They are often as good as commercial ones and have this big advantage that they are free to use :-)

Nice tutorial. I am also one of the shrugger.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your comment !

I have just recently starting making videos. So far only 2 using Zoom to record my screen. I am looking forward to checking out the tools you mentioned. I am familiar with Canva. It is a great tool that I used to create the image below.


I think that OBS is really an amazing tool that can really help you. It takes some time to get familiar with but there are plenty of tutorials on youtube.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

I agree 100% with what you say here
now a days so many easy to use tools are available that making videos is getting as easy as point and shoot.
I belong to the older times when cameras we re more conventional and u needed proper editing equipment.
Having walked that path I find today people are privileged and limited only by their creativity.

Having walked that path I find today people are privileged and limited only by their creativity.

I totally agree with this. I remember my first videos that I did and how complicated it was. I was so happy because I had a software that could upload my videos directly to youtube because I didn't know how to do it... lol... Things have become so much easier and you only need an open mind and the will to discover to find these jewels that help you on the way.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Great set of tools. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you very much for your comment and the reblog !

Great post and good info on what tools to use - hey maybe you could post more tutorial type stuff on how to edit?

hey maybe you could post more tutorial type stuff on how to edit?

This could be a nice idea for a next video ;-) Do you have something specific in mind?

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

@achim03 first of all very nice article. And nice guide you are now inspiring me to make a video and let see where it goes. Thanks for soild tools.

I hope to see soon some of your videos ;-).

Thanks a lot for your comment and for stopping by!

Nice job Achim! Canva is the only one I use right now. It is nice to know that there are so many free tools available to use for creating videos. No Excuses not to create video content.

Thanks a lot for your comment. Often the really free tools don't find so many promotors because one can't earn anything by promoting them ;-). However they are often as good as comercial tools.

You're welcome, @achim03.ctp! The people who won't promote free tools fail to understand that it is a way to offer value to their audience.😀Have a great night!