Reactivate your Holybread account and get upvotes

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Before the Hive fork, I was quite an active Holybread player but I lost motivation when the price of breadcrumbs was getting very low. Once after the fork I noticed that the game had made the transition over to Hive but I had lost interest at the time.

A couple of days ago, I've decided to take a peek at my holybread account. I just logged in and looked what has changed in the game. I played a couple of quests and made some fights in the Arena.

The next day I wrote a post and I was very surprised to receive quite an interesting upvote from Holybread. Since I had worked quite a lot on this account, I'm not too badly placed in the ranking and accordingly I got an upvote worth around 0.13$.

Every upvote comes with such a comment to your posts

Keep your account active and progress in the game to get upvotes to your posts

I believe that the ownership of the game changed during the steem/hive transition and the business model seems to have changed. The breadcrumbs have been eliminated and instead the whole game is now based on gold.

Source: The game works still the same but the breadcrumbs have been eliminated

When you climb in the game and improve your ranking, you will get higher upvotes from Holybread. I believe it's an interesting and more sustainable business model than before.

By giving upvotes, the game actually takes advantage of how the Hive blockchain works. It can give something away that doesn't cost. The income generated by the game stays in the game and the account can be built up to provide more and more powerful upvotes to the players. In addition to that thanks to the upvotes, it generates curation rewards to additionaly fill this account.

Early mover advantage

I believe that very few people are aware of this and I believe that the upvotes are quite high because not so many accounts are actually active at the moment.

So my advice is to log into your holybread account from time to time and play the game, By keeping the account active, you might get some really nice upvotes to your posts!

If you don't have an account yet, you can start at any time your Holybread Adventure

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Ok, you convinced me, lol! I'll semi-get back to it, to see if I'm not wasting my time again. I was a late-joiner to Holybread so didn't get the initial bang...

In my opinion that was a bit the negative aspect of the game. If you didn't start from the beginning, you always had a delay that could hardly be compensated. Now there are a lot of people who abandonned their accounts and just by staying active, it's possible to win some ranks and get these upvotes :-)

Your balance is below 0.3 HIVE. Your account is running low and should be replenished. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Greetings friend.@achimo03.I don't know how to play it, I see it as interesting and I hope I have the opportunity to explain it to you. Thanks friend for your positive information.

It's quite easy to play and it requires only little time :-). Thanks a lot for your comment!

Yep they give upvotes now instead of selling bread crumbs. There are new owners and they have made a few changes to the game. It still plays he same but the graphics have been updated and the bread crumbs have gone away. You get upvotes daily on all your posts, the higher your rank the higher the upvote %. I never stopped playing but I did slow up quite a bit for a while after the Steem/Hive hard fork.

Thanks a lot for your comment. I think it's a much more sustainable model for the game using upvotes instead of bread crumbs. It's quite nice to get these powerful upvotes!

I am playing it for some days :)

It's quite a funny game. Thanks a lot for your comment!

I also stooped playing but month back I started again and received the upvote daily but not the 100% it varies from 4-7%

I think it mainly depends on the ranking but also on the voting power of the account at the moment of the post. I believe I've been quite lucky. On this post no upvote so far however ... lol

very interesting information, I have my account in holybread although I rarely use it, since my occupations and playing since a low-end cell phone makes it very difficult for me.

But as always your advice and tips are wonderful. I repeat: you are my favorite Blogger 🤗😍

I can understand that it's not the best situation to play games with an older smartphone. Hope you manage to earn some hive to buy a little laptop...

you are my favorite Blogger 🤗😍

This makes me very proud :-). Thanks a lot for your great support!

Yep, I have been receiving these upvotes on all of my posts since I returned to the game. It's cool by me. Who doesn't like upvotes? lol.

Regardless of no bread crumbs, I enjoy the game. It is not complicated & I went from 1 hero to 3 of them. So it gave me a chance to increase my battle impact. :)

If more people are aware of this, this will also help HolyBread become more sustainable as well. It's truly a win-win. :)

If more people are aware of this, this will also help HolyBread become more sustainable as well. It's truly a win-win. :)

I think the upvotes and the comments are a very good marketing tool to bring people back to the game. It would be nice if holybread could put the referral link of the author in the comment! Something like: Want to get upvoted by Holybread, Join the Game now

Thanks a lot for your comment Jenn!

Yeah... I'm still there... still addicted... nothing new... lol...
I hope they will do seasons soon, it should make the game more interesting!

It seems that you've never really stopped the game :-)


I didn't say that I have stopped! :P 🤣

But, I have to admit that I didn't invest a lot of time either... I mean in new strategies, heroes, equipment... I didn't have time for that... only doing quests and a couple of battles here and there...

But that's the thing, the ctp mantra with showing up every day also works for games. No need to do much, just show up every day and in the end it will land you in an interesting position :-)

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 8/32)

Thanks a lot for the tipu upvote!

Apart from upvotes,I love to collect bread too.


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