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Dear Hivers

In marketing, surfing the news is an effective way to capture attention. The return to school in may is therefore a perfect opportunity to communicate .


May is of course the start of the school year, a great time for parents and children alike. It is also the literary and political return to school but it is above all, for many companies, synonymous with recovery at full speed. After the hollow of the holidays, we put a boost and we feverishly prepare the last trimester. Trade fairs and exhibitions, product launches and special actions, open days, etc. All this starts again on the hats of wheels!

It is therefore the ideal time for a major operation to seduce your customers and prospects.

Need some inspiration?
It's the crisis, you hesitate to invest. Overloaded, you don't have time to deal with communication. Undecided, you don't know where to start. Don't panic, it's never too late, but you have to get started right away!

Why ? Because the stakes are high : not being present means leaving the field open to your competitors; not making a commitment is leaving it to others to speak for you; not pampering your customers is taking the risk that they will look elsewhere. This is why you cannot avoid communicating at this particularly favorable time.

To help you, here are some ideas, easy to implement and not too expensive.

Be visible and accessible
No matter what industry you are in, customers should know you exist. However, points of contact have multiplied, mainly online. Customers are more mobile and connected; they are also better informed and less patient. The winning company is therefore the one that responds most quickly and adequately to consumer demand.

Take advantage of the start of the school year to update your site and give it a new lease of life by making it more dynamic. For example, start by giving a spotlight on a flagship product . And to really grab attention, bet on dynamic content : a video, a game or a customer testimonial. Don't forget the call-to-action; For example, invite your customers to a free demonstration or a tour of your company. Nothing like it to create, inexpensively, reactions and conversations around your products. It is also an opportunity to communicate your passion and show your know-how.

Thank your loyal customers
Back to school can be an opportunity to offer exclusive offers to your loyal customers . It's well known that selling to an existing customer is easier than acquiring a new customer. Enjoy it! Introduce them to products in preview, offer them a bonus for any purchase made during the back-to-school month, etc.

And if you don't have a loyalty card , now is the time to consider it. Because even in B2B the principle of customer loyalty is vital. Take care of your customers, they love it and they will repay you sooner or later (either by recommending you to their acquaintances or by coming back to buy from you).

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Your recommendations are very good, and every entrepreneur or person interested in business should read this.

Especially I find this useful:

For example, invite your customers to a free demonstration or a tour of your company.

In this way, customers find it exciting and interesting to visit your company and learn what your offer is about because curiosity is a very interesting and useful marketing mechanism.

I congratulate you because your information is really very good.

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