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The Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company is well known bank in Philippines it's is also known as MetroBank is the second largest bank in the Philippines. Which is offering a huge variety of financial services to its customers, from regular banking to insurance. It was established by a group of businessman in 1962 in Binondo Manila. On 1977, the Central Bank of the Philippines Authorized Metro Bank to operate a Foreign Currency Deposit Unit. In the same year, there were already 100 branches and offices and the bank’s new head office was inaugurated at Metrobank Plaza in Makati.


Metrobank started to operate as a universal bank in 1981, when the Central Bank authorized.The Metrobank Group has a combined network of over 800 local and international branches/offices, remittance offices and subsidiaries worldwide.

Metrobank services are: Corporate Accounts; Cash Management; Corporate Loans; Trade Products and Services; Corporate Insurance; Corporate Leasing; Online Services; Trust Products and Services; Treasury Products; Investments Funds; Capital Markets; Car and Housing Loans; Credit Cards; Internet Banking; Mobile Banking; Personal Accounts; Phone Banking; and Traveling.

Using these services leads to convenience and easier banking. It gives you liquidity and the flexibility to accept daily collections and make payments or withdrawals over the counter or through checks. It has a full range of financial solutions that gives you maximum control over your funds. It helps business grow by providing the funds that are needed to reach your goals. It offers convenient and affordable products to help building your future. It gives a convenient and secured transaction online. Also it offers life insurance through its subsidiaries. Metrobank’s services are excellent in all aspects using its services will assure your successful banking.

You can also check out it's services and try it once if it suits your requirement and needs.

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