The empathy map to get to know your customers better

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Knowing your customer, this is undoubtedly a key to a company's success!


The time has come to analyze the statistical data provided by increasingly sophisticated CRM (Customer Relation Management) or even SCRM add the social dimension to the first. However, it may be useful to complete this picture with a very simple, fast, free and above all more humane technique: the empathy map.

Value of empathy
empathy refers to the mechanism by which an individual can understand the feelings and emotions of another individual or even, in a more general meaning, his non-emotional mental states, such as his beliefs.

Empathy is one of the top three listening skills along with consideration and authenticity. Its goal is to understand the customer by being close to him , without putting himself in his shoes.

To be effective, an empathetic salesperson must be attentive and attentive, ignoring his own universe of reference. He will then be able to decipher the verbal but also non-verbal discourse of his client, which will allow him to present an offer that is better suited to his expectations and to his emotional satisfaction.

However, empathy is a rare skill among salespeople. A good third only are smiling and sympathetic, in a good mood, and some of them have this innate gift of relaxing the atmosphere. and want to make you relate to that link. But empathy is used to channel the attention of his interlocutor, to interest, to the surprise or astonish to get noticed. And he adds: Curiosity and empathy lead to openness, creativity and humility. For salespeople, these are essential skills.

Ultimately, empathy is the basis of a positive attitude . Take an interest in the other, question them, help them reveal their areas for improvement by themselves and voila.

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