Tips for Safe Winter Driving - Build Confidence, Know Your Car

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Winter is now in full swing and, at least where I live, the ice torments the roads with its icy chaos.Drivers begin to slow down as they become less and less confident with their driving in these hazardous conditions and lack of confidence is not something that you should Confidence is the knowledge that you are fully able to do that which you attempt.


The way I see it, lack of confidence can be overcome by knowing yourself.Know your limits and abilities and you will never see your confidence wane.If indeed you do notice yourself with a lack of confidence (driving a car in the snow or otherwise) learn from this and tell yourself, "I need to take this opportunity to learn my limits and abilities to increase my confidence during this task."

This article is particularly about driving in the winter weather but can be applied across
When I was learning to drive a car, growing up in Maine, my father would take me to an empty parking lot during a big snow storm and allow me to drive my car and try to get the feel around for the car.

Understand that when driving in the winter, you WILL hit ice, and your tires WILL spin.
Trying to avoid slipping the car or spinning the tires is pointless.


You will slip and slide so in order to be confident while doing so, you must know how to do it.Allow yourself to discover how your car reacts in different situations.Observe how much traction you get while braking.Spin the car out of control in an open parking lot, or any other controlled environment and then attempt to regain control.

Use trial and error to figure out which way and how much to turn the wheel in order to regain control during any given amount of drift you may Other important bits of information are the physical extents of the body of your car.

Know exactly how big your car is and test your limits until you are able to easily judge where your bumpers are from the driver's seat.

let me know how is the experience about driving in the ice.

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I don't know how to drive but have a plan to learn soon. This is a helpful post and I will try to follow these once I learn and drive in winter season. Thanks for this nice post.

Well... I think that knowing your own car in any situation is always very prudent.

There are some good tips, I have driven in snow before and I am thankful that where I live it never snows so I only have to deal with rain which isn't near as bad.

good article, in my country there are not those extreme weather conditions but when the rain falls it forms the mud which is very dangerous and you must be very safe and although it is scary it is also fun to feel the car skidding

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