Ethereum 2.0 and New Statistical Updates

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After the rise of Ethereum above $ 2000, it seems that it has gained some confidence, especially with the new update, as Ethereum has become the talk of everyone, but perhaps the Ethereum holders have found that this is a good opportunity to sell some of their Ethereum and make profits.

But as for Ethereum 2.0, it is progressing at a steady pace as the closed value has reached a new record as we will mention in this post, which means that Ethereum is on the right path and the rumors that Ethereum will not be able to face the Fee problem are not true.



The second-largest digital cash ever reached another record high, with the value and cost of Ethereum reaching $ 2,140, ​​according to Coingecko.

From that point onwards, reports emerged that the full estimate for the Ethereum 2.0 Storefront contract exceeded $ 7 billion, which deals with more than 3.5 million Ethereum.

At the same time, another record was set by withdrawing Ethereum coins from the exchange stages.

$ 7 billion ETH Ethereum 2.0 secured deal:

With Ethereum climbing to an all-time high above $ 2000, ETH holders continue to secure their coins in an Ethereum 2.0 store contract.

As Glassnode noted, recently, the overall estimate for Ethereum suspended and closed in the Ethereum 2.0 agreement reached $ 7 billion, another all-time high.

Since the full closing value of the Ethereum contract recently reached an all-time high of $ 6 billion.


ETH withdrawals record new highs in one month:

Ethereum scale removed from the stages of cryptocurrency exchange by financial backers reached a one-month high of 1,300,000.

Meanwhile, the amount of wallets containing 1,000 Ethereum or more fell to a 3-year low of 6,000 sites as financial backers continue to absorb more of the second-largest digital currency by total market capitalization.

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Interesting reading... would be cool to be one of those owning 1000 or more Ethereum :) I really look forward to see how Ethereum 2.0 will influence the price of the token. I believe it will be extremely positive with staking and lower fees, and as people will lock up their tokens for interest, I really see a bright future for Ethereum. It will for sure pump, dump... and then I believe it will see a steady growth!

Sure pump, Pump

It is crazy how much gain Ethereum has made so far!