Big Falling Price Of DFI

in Project HOPElast month

The price of DFI token went as low as $0.20 recently. It had been maintaining at a healthy price above $0.30 for quite a number of weeks.

Great Price.jpg

The possible reason for this big drop of price could be due to its free airdrop of DFI tokens to all Bitcoin Hodlers on official partners like Cake on 9 September 2020.

For 1 BTC, 500 DFI would be given with a maximum of 100 BTC.

We can imagine if one has 100 BTC, 50 000 DFI tokens would be given for free.

By selling 50 000 DFI, the seller can earn US$15 000 if the price of DFI token is at US$0.30 each. That is really quite an attractive amount of money for anyone.

With US$15 000, one can easily invest and get 1 BTC if this is the cryptocurrency of his choice.

I do see DFI as a nice potential token and those who dump it may regret if this token ever gets valuable.

DFI token can be staked at Cake Defi with an attractive interest of above 60% APY.

If one has 50 000 DFI staked, this staker may earn a cool interest of about 80 DFI daily without a sweat.

Nevertheless, we would not know whether DFI can be a valuable token in the future but Julian Hosp is a good backing behind this token.

If you simply google to find out about Julian Hosp, his impressive portfolio would convince many that DFI token has a great potential because of Julian Hosp as a great blockchain expert.


How does one go about claiming these airdrops? Is there a guide?

I am not really sure of how one can claim the airdrop exactly. Since the airdrop is only for those with their Bitcoin deposited at its official partners like Cake Defi, I suspect it is automated with no claiming needed. I did not notice any guide too.

Ah that sucks, lol I am always keen on jumping through a few hoops for free money