Buy Low Sell High

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Recently, the price of Bitcoin was close to only US10 000 with most of the cryptocurrencies on the down trend.

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Many would probably hodl but some would take this opportunity to buy with the thought of buying low and sell high later on.

The truth is no one can predict how low the price would go as well as the recovery period.

Investing in Cryptocurrency when the price is low can be risky especially those investors are not using their spare cash but emptied their saving like a gamble.

We cannot predict the market so we need to hodl if the market does not recover and we need to be patience so we should not invest with cash that we cannot afford.

Gainers may often be those who spot the right crypto as well as those who wait patiently for months or even years.

Some crypto millionaires became rich because they were able to hodl and wait for a number of years.

Everyone can have a crypto dream of becoming a millionaire but not everyone can spot and wait for the profit while seeing the price that may go up and down like roller coaster.

Cryptocurrency can give up a hope for a better tomorrow especially in this current era with global economic depression.


Any time is a good time to buy I think, buying low is just an added advantage.

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If it is really too high, it is harder to gain profit. Not buying during peak price is at least one way to ensure we earn.

I think it really is a good time to buy and hold for the correct time

It looks like a good time if the price is recovering.

Greetings friend, it is the most common thing that some people buy when the cryptos go down, coincidentally in the fall of the hive some people have invested large amounts of money to buy the crypto. I think it is a great moment to do it.

Greetings! 🤝

I believe you mean the price of Hive is low now so it is a good time to buy especially to power up. Those who have faith in the future of Hive should consider powering up by buying Hive when it is at a low price like now indeed.

Hello, if that was what I meant 👍

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Good article, educating yourself to invest is the way to not lose the capital that has cost us so much to gain.

When you HODL you remove the emotions out of the equation.

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