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I was looking about for earning opportunity and harvest.finance had caught my attention.

It is a company that assist investors like us to farm the highest possible yield available on Defi platforms.

It gathers all our investments together to save on Eth gas fee through automation farming at different defi platforms.

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We would still need to pay for the Eth gas fee when we first deposit our fund to earn and the rest would be handled by the company after that.

I am also quite aware that it was hacked for 24 million in October 2020 as a result of arbitrage attack using a huge flash loan.

It had caused a negative impact on harvest.finance but the positive side is that management of harvest.finance did not give up on their project.

This is certainly a good indication of their commitment.

The other positive sign that we can find is their smart contracts that were audited by Haechi Audit, Peckshield and Certik to ensure better security of their smart contracts.

Nevertheless, there is still risk regardless of how much security that Defi platforms tried to put up especially with decentralisation and anonymous transactions for individual privacy.


Nice find, thanks for sharing the positives and negatives of this project.

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