Potential Of Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

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Trust Wallet Token was trading at about $0.04 when I was preparing this post.

In many ways, Trust Wallet that is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet may be quite similar to Atomic Wallet but Atomic Wallet Coin(AWC) was trading at about $1.10.

Potential OF TWT.jpg

AWC is worth more than 27 times of TWT.

With similar features, one would wonder whether there would be a future sudden pump of TWT up to a dollar.

If we can invest in TWT and it ever gets into the price of a dollar, it would be such an amazing profit.

I guess one can still dream when it is only about $0.04 so investing in it would not be a high risk if we do not invest more than we can afford.

I have yet to see a staking feature for TWT while AWC can be staked in Atomic Wallet with a nice reward.

10 to 999 AWC – 17%
1000 - 9999 AWC – 20%
Over 10 000 AWC – 23%

I do suspect that the price of TWT can be greatly improved if Trust wallet can simply provide a staking feature for TWT.

Currently Trust wallet does provide staking feature for other altcoins like TRON(TRX), Tezos(XTZ),
Cosmos(ATOM), VeChain(VET), Callisto(CLO), Kava(KAVA), TomoChain(TOMO), IoTex(IOTX) and Algorand(ALGO).

I have purchased some TWT as an investment and hoping that its price can explode in future.

Let’s see how well TWT can perform in coming weeks as cryptocurrency seems to be the recovery state.


Hello @fun2learn
I don't know that wallet.
There are many that are emerging, and others that will emerge that are hard to keep track of.
But the one you are proposing seems to be safe, and besides, being able to stake the tokens already catches on.

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