Stay Away From Bank Of Tron

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I know that Bank Of Tron had been a popular investment system for TRX and BTT and it has been around for about a year.

Recently, both its liquid pools for TRX and BTT have reached rock bottom without additional investment entering.

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Those who are interested to invest for quick profit should avoid it since it is unable to pay.

The system of getting paid within the system as long as there is additional investment into the system without real product.

It was a matter of time for the system to collapse since there is not a single real product to generate additional income without additional investment by those who want to earn quick profit.

Below link can actually provide information about TRX balance of the Bank Of Tron.

Stay away from Bank of Tron if you do not want to lose your money.

I hope this post would serve as a good warning to those who are planning to invest.


Thanks for the heads-up... Actually, a lot of dApps on Tron are shady, so everyone should pay attention where do you put your coins!

Welcome. I guess all these similar programme should be avoided.

Well I avoid Tron because of JS, so would normally stay away

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That would be totally safe from TRX scam.

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