The Stability Of The Price OF DFI

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I have started investing in a new altcoin called DeFiChain (DFI) recently and I was able to see quite a nice steady growth in its price.

Stability Of DFI.jpg

There may not be a sudden pump or dump but I was able to see a nice steady growth and its resistance of slight decrease in price even when the prices of both Bitcoin and Ethereum were down.

This DeFi Foundation is located in Singapore as a company that is backed by Dr Julian Hosp.

I guess the reputation of Dr Julian Hosp does play a part in its growth.

The different Decentralised services as well as the high staking rewards through Cake Defi can be really attractive.

Staking at Cake Defi had recently gone as high as above 60% APY.

Cake Defi is currently running 303 master nodes and anyone can stake without a minimum amount.

The only thing is the verification process(KYC) can be a bit troublesome since we need to submit our identity card/passport as well as document to verify our address.

I guess it is necessary since Cake Defi is also a registered Singapore company.

As a new altcoin of a few months, I personally see potential in DFI in my humble opinion so I have already started staking for about two weeks.


For as long as this bullish season last lets make some money my friend. good luck with DFI

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Let's hope for the best!

I hope you make some profit out of it. ;)

Thank you

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