10 Ways To Produce Better Content

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If you publish an blog, you know the importance of producing fresh content. As has been pointed out many times, the best way to procure fresh content is to write original articles.



Most of the time you probably have many concepts for new articles, but what about those times when the idea well is running dry? Next time you find yourself short on content ideas and have a deadline looming, try some of the ideas that have worked for me.

Write to your strengths

Think about the subjects you know best, select one of these as the seed for an article. Even if you have written extensively about a subject there are probably enough new things happening to warrant an update article.

Check your client correspondence

Questions from clients is a great way to produce ideas for content. If your clients are asking questions related to a subject, chances are good your readers would be interested in your answers. Email, guestbooks, newsgroups, letters and one on one conversations are great places to find the basis for article content.

Interview a recognized expert

Do you know who the experts in your ezine's area of interest are? If not, you should. Find these people and introduce yourself. Ask for an interview. These can be conducted by phone or via email. Offer to give the expert a plug for their business in exchange for the interview. Most people are very willing to share their insights, you have only to ask.

Publish a Q&A; feature

Encourage your readers to write in with questions they have related to your ezines subject. Select one question per edition and provide your answer to it. This is great way to involve your readers in the newsletter and provides a never ending source of fresh content.

Stay current

Keeping current on what is going on in your ezine's area of interest will help with new ideas for content. Newsgroups, industry publications, conferences and seminars are all good ways to keep your finger on the pulse of your subject area.

Profile a reader

Solicit profiles from the readers of your ezines. Encourage them to provide their name, the name of their business, where they are located, and how they use the information obtained through reading your ezine. You can then publish one or more profiles per edition of your ezine.

Review a book or product

Publish a review of a book or product related to your ezine's subject. Use books you have read recently or product you currently use every day. Ask the publishers or producers of the product to provide a copy of their work for the purposes of a review. You will be surprised how many businesses are open to this avenue of advertising.

Give examples from your own experience

Tell your readers about a real life experience related to your subject matter. Tell a story about the problems encountered helping your most recent client and how you were able to resolve them. This can build your reputation as an expert while providing content your readers can relate to.

Create a top 10 list

Your readers are busy people, they would probably appreciate a concise list of tips. My experience is that my Top 10 articles are among the most popular and requested articles I publish.

Publish someone else's work

Don't be afraid to put someone else's work into your ezine. It just is not possible for every publisher to be able to cover the entire range of issues in a subject area. Often, your readers will appreciate a fresh perspective on an issue.




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I really like your idea when you think about questions people ask you or questions people ask others. That is a wonderful way to write an article, because you both have the title, and also the content at once. So, just thinking about questions that people might have that you know how to answer will at once help you write an article! :)

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Really interesting points raised. Thanks

This post presents a lot of good ideas, thank you for sharing.