Psychological Review - Bear Grylls New Survival Course.

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Dear Hive

We all know we are currently dealing with covid-19 to increase our immunity we need to take some survival courses.



A few weeks ago, Bear Grylls officially announced some new Survival courses in Survival Academy . Now all Bear fans, as well as enthusiasts of survival techniques, can test their skills and abilities and get valuable advice from the survival expert himself - Grylls. In the course of this academy all participants will gain valuable knowledge and techniques for survival in extreme conditions.

The first series of trainings will take place in the highlands of Scotland and will include a series of 6-day courses that will present participants with all the knowledge they need to survive in the area completely alone and relying only on their skills. The first group of participants who are there in the wild right now is already a fact. The series is started on, so if you are an enthusiast or fan and of course you can afford the price of £ 1500-3000 for the course only, you have the chance to sign up.

What you need to be able to
It is interesting to understand what physical training is required of candidates for this course, and it consists of:

  • 25 minutes of running in one place without interruption;
  • 90 seconds of mixed strength exercises - push-ups, abdominal presses, squats and others;
  • 1 hour hike with a 15 kg backpack and hiking boots;
  • swimming.

As you can see for yourself, Bear's requirements are not high at all, but the idea is for him to teach you how to handle exactly these capabilities.

What you will learn during the course, when the course will be finsh you can perform this task easily.

  • to cross rivers;
  • climb and use a rappelling;
  • to light a fire in extreme conditions;
  • to build shelters;
  • to navigate in difficult terrain - day and night;
  • to hunt and set traps;
  • best way to use your knife for survival.

Many more which I am not including bin the list.

If that's not enough for you, Bear says there will be more skills you will discover during the course.

If you want to try it, here is the link to the Academies - , but don't forget, as Bear says - It can hurt a little.

Many people are interested and want to increase their immunity power , nature is the best place to that and you will get a good experience of life also..




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